The FitBit...Helping me lose weight for almost 2 months!

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Hey everyone! Wanted to post and talk a little bit about a little piece of amazing technology that has really been making an impact on my life. The FITBIT!

Back last summer I came across an article about pre-orders starting for the FitBit. It seemed like a glorified pedometer, (which it really kind of is but stick with me!) but I got hooked. It would track your steps, calories burned, distance walked/run etc. The thing that really got me interested was that it tracked your sleep efficiency as well. I've always been interested in dreams, lucid dreaming, REM and quality of sleep. There'd never really been anything cheap enough out there that would give me an idea of how often I toss and turn and wake up etc so for $99 I was sold…SIGN ME UP!

Fast forward to December when it released I started wearing it immediately. It's a little clip that fits most anywhere on your clothing. It came with a little dock that you click it on to to charge, but anytime it's within 10-15 ft of the dock it wirelessly syncs with your account on My gf saw it and immediately was drooling for one. So heck that's an easy Christmas present down! Ordered her one, got free overnight shipping on it and she LOVES it.

Now we are "friends" on the site and compete in how many steps we get each day. The average you're supposed to hit is 10,000. However the site does much more than just track what the device itself calculates…you can enter in water consumed, foods you eat, track calories, exercise, mood etc. As a *complete* tool it has helped me immeasurably in upping my activity level, keeping the two of us motivated in exercising/walking more, and making it almost fun. If we're going out to eat or to a movie we'll go walking somewhere first to burn off the calories of a meal or popcorn etc.

It may be a great tool for some of you out there and I HIGHLY recommend it. It comes with the FitBit clip, a belt clip that you can slide it into (like on a belt), a soft wrist cuff that velcros on for while you sleep and the USB dock. Works on Mac/PC.

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GabbyPA 2011-01-11 10:17:26 -0600 Report

That sounds so neat. I love the pedometer, but mine usually get all weird after about a few months of use. This sounds really neat. I like that it tracks your sleep as well. That is always a mystery to me, but I know I don't get enough good rest. Is there any additional cost for continued access to the site/downloading of information?

PetiePal 2011-01-11 10:56:10 -0600 Report

The basic account stuff is all 100% free and the software. There is an advanced option but I don't know what it encompasses on the site and I never use it anyways

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