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I have been a diabetic for quite a few years now. A fcouple years back I had been telling my doc that I didn't feel my insulin was working right…said this several million times but he did nothing. So I started going to this different doctor…said the same thing. Can we use a different combo of insulins…still nothing. Until this last december he took me off metformin and told me about a new education class type thing that the one hospital put together. So I went in mid december. Wow…I honestly had no idea that stresss is very bad for a diabetic. Let me tell you 2009 was very stressful for me with the loss of my job and couldnt get another job. Then in 2010 I got called back to my job. But the rest of 2010 was nothing but massive stress. Anyway that a whole other story by itself. I was put on Actos and only told to watch for weight gain…needless to say Actos did not agree with me and have been off it for a week and 2 days but am still suffering with the swelling in my hands from it. Now I am tryin Symlin and no side effects!!! I really hope 2011 goes better for my family…

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The Symlin works great and have had awesome sugar levels the last few days. I did get some cinnamon with chromium to give it a try..and vit D thanks…

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I have been a diabetic since the late 1990's, and doctors put me on so many different meds I thought I was a walking pharmacy, needless to say that most of them had horrible side effects. Actos, gloucophage and some insulins really wreaked havoc with my insides . They have found that actos and gloucophage is causing major heart problems and has caused some deaths. I live by cinnamon with chromium , flaxseed capsules and vit. d. you need to have your vit. d checked…then read what vit. d does for the body and what it controls. It will blow your mind. Cinnamon helps with blood sugar and with blood pressure, flaxseed helps with clolesterol and irritable bowel sydrome, chromium helps with weight, and vit. d helps everything. Do some research on these things then talk to your doctor. Alot of doctors don't believe in herbs or vit. because they are vested in the drugs they sell you. in other words the more prescriptions they can give you the more money they make off of you. My doctor is wonderful, when i told him how i lost my mother, and told him NO MORE medicine for me he prescribed everything that i have told you about. I have lost over 75 pounds since this past April. EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH WHETHER IT BE ALCOHOL OR THE MEDS YOU TAKE…YOUR LIVER HAS TO PROCESS IT AND YOUR KIDNEYS FILTER IT, MY MOM DIED FROM NON ALCOHOLIC CIRRHOSIS, SHE DIDN'T DRINK BUT SHE DID TAKE EVERY KIND OF PILL THAT HER "DOCTORS" TOLD HER SHE NEEDED. WE LOST HER LAST AUGUST 5TH, TWO DAYS BEFORE MY 49TH BIRTHDAY. ALL THOSE PILLS OVER THE YEARS SHUT HER LIVER DOWN. DO SOME RESEARCH IN TO THE MEDS THAT YOU TAKE, AND YOU WILL SEE THAT JUST ABOUT ALL OF THEM AFFECT YOUR LIVER IN THE LONG RUN. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND IT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU FOR THE DURATION THAT YOU LIVE. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND GET EXERCISE WHEN YOU CAN. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!