It was in 1960 that I got in trouble diabetes wise! Story #1.

Johnben or JB.
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Hello all of you.
Here is some of the promised report on my 50-year struggle with diabetes-1.
I was a bowler in 1960 and was in the men's league at nights after work. This evening in question, I was not in top shape because when it was my turn to bowl I almost ended up on the alley next from us. This did raise eybrows because I really was a good bowler. It became so bad that the team captain suggested for me to go home and not threaten to kill other bowlers. I noticed that the numbers over the alleys were very unclear. So being kicked out I left and got into the car started to drive home. It was late at nights and luckily not busy on the road because I saw that the line dividing the road insisted to move under the car. So, I made it home in one piece and walked into the house falling to the floor giving Johanna kittens. She helped getting me up and to bed wondering if I had been drinking, this would be so different from the John she knew.

The next morning off to Dr. Kopytec (now deceased) who took bloodtests and called me at home later saying "John, go directly to the hospital I called them already for you! Your blood sugar is very, very high, go immediately, your life is in danger!" I had a day full with appointments to take care of but,…what can you do? First I thought he was putting me on, but no, not this time.

We will call this part one with more to come if you want to read this story… Cannot put it all into one posting, just too much. You want to hear more?


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