Lower fasting readings, I need a reality check, please.

By CaliKo Latest Reply 2011-01-06 20:59:07 -0600
Started 2011-01-05 12:19:34 -0600

While I was sleeping later during my 10 day break during the holidays, my fasting blood glucose levels were higher. Not so unexpected, right? Not extremely high, but between 100-115 and mine are usually around 90.
Now I'm back to my normal schedule, getting up at 5 a.m., eating breakfast, exercising, on to work. I realize my improved fasting levels is completely dependent on getting up earlier. Is this cheating? Or is this real? If I'm only in bed 5 or 6 hours a night, are my fasting glucose levels as good as they look on my chart? Or am I fooling myself? Maybe I'm over-thinking this…

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PetiePal 2011-01-06 14:21:37 -0600 Report

The longer you wait before breakfast or getting up (sleeping in etc) the higher your fasting tends to be. I went nuts during my last vacation time and actually woke myself up 4 times during the night to test my glucose at different intervals during the night. It was mainly to determine if I was glucose intolerant or not producing enough. I think I'm just intolerant but it also gave me some insight into why my morning fasting readings were high.

When you sleep during the night if your blood sugar gets too low your pancreas releases glucose into the blood stream so you don't "crash." Now because you're likely not taking any meds or there are little in your system there's not really a lot of insulin counterracting this. It's normal to have it be a little elevated in the morning. Mine usually is anywhere from 120-146 in the mornings.

Sticking to a regular schedule helps. Also having that nightly snack helps bc I noticed when I skipped it my sugar crashed a lot quicker in my sleep than if the carbs were slowly being absorbed in my sleep.

GabbyPA 2011-01-06 20:59:07 -0600 Report

Actually it is your liver that dumps glycogen into your system to wake you up, not the pancreas. The pancreas responds to food, the liver responds to lack of food.

CaliKo 2011-01-06 14:29:30 -0600 Report

Thanks for the reply. And, yes, if I don't have my whole grain mini-bagel or tortilla at night, my fasting reading is much worse.

PetiePal 2011-01-06 15:08:19 -0600 Report

I need to get on top of this myself..I usually snack too early or not the right thing at night…if I was more regimented I'd have better fasting readings I think..closer to 120 where I should be

GabbyPA 2011-01-05 17:53:58 -0600 Report

Usually the longer you wait before breakfast there is a greater chance of your numbers going higher. I know if I test at 5:00 am mine are much lower than if I sleep in and don't test until 8:00 or so. Even if that is when I get up. That is one reason keeping on a regular schedule helps us out so much. If you start your day lower, it is easier to stay lower through the day. (unless you go really nuts during the day) LOL

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