disposal of old meters.

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Does anyone know how to best dispose of your old meters? Or is there a company that refurbishes them and gives them to those who cannot afford to buy them. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone.

Sue Wingfield

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IamGnu 2011-01-25 14:12:28 -0600 Report

Try donating it and some supplies, if you have a few extra, to www.FreeCycle.org
I'm sure from there you can find a FC group in your zip code. ( This is my 1st post since finding this site & I'm enjoying all of it. Thanks for helping make this a great community).

sc1boy 2011-01-24 20:23:43 -0600 Report

You can check with your local walmart and see if they now of any place that you can send them or take them to.

StarEieleen 2011-01-24 18:57:42 -0600 Report

You can take your old meters and give them to your main community health services in colorado its called Peak Vista. I have given alot of my old meters to them.

jayabee52 2010-12-31 15:02:51 -0600 Report

Howdy Sue.

The disposal of used glucometers is regulated by state and local law. Some places like Nevada, where I've recently moved from CA SEEM to have no restrictions. California, where you are, seems to have laws which are contradictory, if not in actuality, then in practice. (my bride needed to use "talking bottles" which had a battery & electronic components. I took those talking bottles to the local hazardous waste facility who wouldn't take them, and then to a electronics recycler who took my dead laptop but not the talking bottles. Weird!)

Here is a result from a search engine search on California electronic hazardous waste disposal: http://www.dtsc.ca.gov/HazardousWaste/EWaste/ Where I was in Alameda county there was a particular place where we had to take batteries, florescent light bulbs (both compact & regular tube type). computers & monitors.
You would have to look up your county to determine where you should take your e waste. I have kept old glucometers just for the batteries, which sometimes run out of juice. Many glucometers use the large button type batteries, which are interchangeable. (they're best stored right in the glucometer because of a warning that two of those batteries put together could short out and cause a fire - according to a Waste Management flyer on hazardous waste disposal.

Here's another search result which might tell you where to go in your county. http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/electronics/coll...

Good fortune to you in finding a way to dispose of your glucometer.

Praying a blessed, happy & healthier New year for you and yours!


Swbtab03 2011-01-24 18:26:02 -0600 Report

since the meter itself is not contaminated maybe donate it to a local shelter, many homeless people out there that are diabetics. Just a idea

zapper 2010-12-31 17:14:40 -0600 Report

Hi James,
Thank you so much for the information. I will check these sites out. May you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

zapper 2011-01-25 23:12:37 -0600 Report

Just wanted to thank all of you for your response to my question about disposing of old meters. All great info. thank you so very much. Blessings to all of you. zapper

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