Managing Your Diabetes Financially in 2011

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Surviving the high cost of managing diabetes requires that you explore all of the options at your disposal.
As tough as it may seem at times, it can be done, it requires a bit of smart thinking, and very careful planning.

Here are some ways that you can cut the cost of managing your (or a loved one’s) diabetes, (Please feel free to add to this list at any time).

1.) Purchase your diabetes supplies from a diabetes supply warehouse online, the savings will amaze you, many offer monthly, pre-scheduled shipping as well as free shipping!

2.) Check for free, and upgrade offerings from the manufacturers of your diabetes medications, and hardware, let them know about your loyalty to their product.

3.) Ask your physician for free samples of your medication, company sponsored promotions, and give aways.

4.) Clip coupons!

5.) Sign up for discount prescription medication cards online, or at your local pharmacy

6.) See if the pharmacy in your area is offering free diabetes medication such as Metformin, Glipizide, or Glyburide.

7.) Check with your local hospital, and community health center for services offered to those on fixed, or low incomes.

8.) Find out exactly what your health insurance will, and will not cover.

9.) Purchase generic medications (if available)

If you are either a senior citizen, or disabled, inquire about discounts that may be available to you, there are many “free” services that you may qualify for.

Many physicians volunteer, or offer their services free of charge at various clinics, check to see if this is offered in your local community clinic, or hospital.

Network yourself, accept others into your network of friends, it will add to your information resources!

Learn as much as you can about diabetes, by doing so your decisions will be based on acquired knowledge, instead of false claims, and undocumented facts.

Love yourself enough to care for yourself, your life doesn’t end because you have diabetes, it will began anew as a result of it!

This list is by no means, complete, help others by adding to it, we can all benefit from saving a dollar here, and there, it all adds up in the end!


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MewElla 2010-12-31 07:41:35 -0600 Report

Excellent points, we all need to be very informed, because I notice that each and every day is a new venture in this diabetic journey.

MAYS 2010-12-31 19:39:44 -0600 Report

A point that is very well made.
Diabetes offers a new lesson daily in our attempt to survive, together we can do it!

MewElla 2011-01-01 07:37:20 -0600 Report

Absolutely, it is a day by day venture and the more knowledge I can get, the better my health will be. Happy New Year!!

BandonBob 2010-12-30 17:59:57 -0600 Report

Good article very informative. Veterans should look at the possibilities with the VA also.

MAYS 2010-12-31 19:56:41 -0600 Report

Thanks for the reminder about veterans and their medical needs!
I added some additional links above.

jayabee52 2010-12-30 17:53:04 -0600 Report

I had replied before (don't know where it went), thanking you Mays for this posting. It is wonderful as always. I did give you a thumbs up, and would give you two if it were possible. DM is a very expensive disease, and we need to pay close attention to our finances. Thanks for that reminder, Mays

Blessings to all y'all in 2011

MAYS 2010-12-31 20:01:43 -0600 Report

James, Thank you for the compliment.
Please add to this discussion anything that you may feel is appropriate.
It will be appreciated, as well as helpful.

Happy New Year!