Does this get any better the longer you have it?

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I see people on this site have had diabetes for years. Does it get easier to deal with as you get the experience in dealing with it over time? Some people say it's not gonna be this hard all the time. Help me.

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jigsaw 2012-04-23 18:35:27 -0500 Report

As I thought about a reply, my mind began to whirl with info. So many variables that determine the answer. Where do I begin? Here is a brief summary of my thoughts.
Diabetes is a progressive condition according to medical experts. (No disrespect meant to those who are putting forth a positive effort to change or prove this concept incorrect)
How fast diabetes progresses is determined in part by how well the individual takes care of themselves with a proper food plan, exercise, the extent and quality of medical care and genetics.

As diabetes progresses there are two major factors in particular, that play an ever changing role, and have a large and obvious effect on the individual. One is increasing insulin resistance, and the other is decreasing insulin production. They often go hand and hand.

More insulin resistance=higher sensitivity to carbs and altered inability to utilize glucose
Decreasing insulin production=also higher sensitivity to carbs & altered inability to utilze glucose.

To deal with these two factors, we can alter our diet as needed, increase our exercize, take medications if not already doing so, take more or stronger medications if we already have been.

The basic concept and choices of how to manage diabetes pretty much remain a constant. How perceptive we are to the changes taking place as a result of the progression of diabetes is a variable. How well we integrate the choices available to manage diabetes and its progression is another variable. Yet a third variable is how effective and efficient our doctor is at helping us along the way.
The extent of knowledge related to managing diabetes can often determine the perception of how complicated it is to manage at any given point. Of course this varies with each individual also. This is much of why everyone more or less has a different answer to the same question.

I have never really found it more difficult in the beginning or after 18 years to manage diabetes. I have found my level of frustration to increase temporarily at times and then subside as I found new answers to manage a progressing condition. I am still healthy with no complications from diabetes!

Lizardfan 2012-04-23 17:50:25 -0500 Report

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing a difficult time in dealing with your diabetes. I think it gets so much easier the longer you have it! I was diagnosed in Nov. 2000 and I have learned so much since then! Several times have struggled thru treatment changes and found my way again after the stumble. Wishing the best for you!

Caroltoo 2012-04-23 17:14:27 -0500 Report

I've found it gets easier, so I can encourage you. I am currently not using medications and keeping my numbers in the normal range by adjusting my diet, exercise patterns, learning to deal better with stress, using supplements, and removing chemical toxins from my food and environment. As extreme as that last one sounds, I've actually found it to be very important to my health.

When first diagnosed, my doc recommended insulin 4X per day. I declined. We agreed I'd try oral meds which I used for a couple of years, then started decreasing and finally stopped about 3 years ago. For me, it is much easier now than when I was diagnosed. I am much healthier.

I believe that consistency in treatment — by which I mean believing that I must keep up my current health regimum regardless of how well I am doing — will also prevent it becoming worse again. As I age, of course, my body will not work as well and there will need to be adaptations. As long as I remain sensitive to the need to (1) maintain my program and (2) adjust it to adapt to any age related changes in my body, I don't see any reason why the diabetes should get worse.

I am sure, if I stop doing what I am doing to be healthy, that it will get worse as it also will if I don't listen to my body well enough to know when I need to make changes in my exercise, diet, supplementation, or stress levels.

At 67, after 10 years of diabetes, I feel fairly comfortable with my belief that I will remain healthy. When I say something like this, someone always comes along and says it didn't work for them, so they "hope" it will for me. Only time will tell, meanwhile I will remain positive and hopeful, because to be anything else is to have already let the diabetes win!

mrazekm 2012-04-23 16:47:45 -0500 Report

I've been diagnosed as type 2 for 22 years now, and while most things have gotten easier, you need to remember that it becomes harder to control your diabetes after a while. I was lucky…I was able to control mine without insulin for the first 20 years. I only needed diet and exercise for the first 5 years, then added oral medication, then, after a very stressful year in 2009-2010, added insulin. My A1C was as low as 4.2 with a medication since taken off the market, but currently is not under control. Remember, eat well, watch your carbs, and most of all avoid stress! That has been the worst thing about trying to control my blood sugar. You can look forward to possibly 10 - 20 years insulin free, entirely dependent on how well you control your sugars.
Above all, don't get discouraged. You just have to get accustomed to eating right and keeping your carb intake even throughout the day.

flipmom 2012-04-23 16:45:07 -0500 Report

i was in denial for a year or so till it got worse and rushed to the emergency…( so please, learn as much as you can now) i wish i knew then what i know now.. it really does gets easy for me.. i amnow in control most of the time… it would take some time to know what you can tolerate regarding food so testing is a major part of newly diagnosed… from testing 8 to 12 times a day, im now down to just testing 3 or 4…knowledge is the major key in controling your d! goodluck!!

JSJB 2012-04-23 15:22:22 -0500 Report

It does get easier but there are ups and downs that get you happy or discouraged. You have to work at it and in time you will see the results. Come onto this site and read read read the discussions, blogs and you will see ways of making it easier. Good Luck

lifedriver 2012-04-23 14:38:56 -0500 Report

Hey shorty1965, it does get easier, here is my story (Crazy Diabetes) please read it. I was on 2 types of insulin taking 4 shots a day. Now, I don't take insulin no shots only a pill with the possibility of being completely off all meds to control my diabetes. It does get better only if you continue to be focus. Do what you need to do and you can and will see the benefits from your dilligents…LIVE

jigsaw 2012-04-23 19:56:54 -0500 Report

Very positive lifedriver! That is an inspiration that has caught my admiration!!!

lifedriver 2012-04-24 09:21:15 -0500 Report

Time will tell, Flatbush is really crazy so I must stay on top of my testing and do all the right things to prevent a relapps. Thanks and I will keep everyone updated…

Cajun713 2012-04-23 20:30:29 -0500 Report

I have struggled with this very question since my diagnosis, and really appreciate the way you answered the question, thank you, you have helped me see things in a different light ! rtl

WendyFR 2011-02-17 22:25:43 -0600 Report

Hi Shorty1965, for me yes..I've had Type I since 12 years old. There is more support, resources out there. This site for example, I didn't have much support growing up and I was diagnosed during my school age years. It was very difficult for me, but as an adult I realize that I want to live a as normal life possible without any major complications and it starts with me and accepting that I will always be a diabetic, but I can make this work or not. I chose to make it work for me.

Plus finally after my 3rd miscarriage, I couldn't bear it and had to make life changes for my sanity. Having good BS readings motivates me. Your going to find something that will motivate you as well.

jjhnpa 2011-01-23 08:50:39 -0600 Report

i was diagnosed 7/2010 with type 2 so still a newbie myself. i take glucotrol along with humalog and 35 units of lantus ( i am on the sliding scale with the humalog). i test myself 4xs a day and i am just praying that it gets easier.

AuntieBear 2011-01-23 03:51:16 -0600 Report

For me some of the diabetes dealings have eased up. I no longer want to cry like a baby everytime I have to test (I hate to poke myself), I no longer feel like I should be ashamed of it. So in that way it haas gotten easy.

In some ways though, I still have a hard time. My biggest problem is the fear. I no longer am afraid to the point of paranoia, but I am still bouncing between really scared and terrified. Of course, I have had a few friends and relatives die from diabetes related complications because they became lazy in their daily monitoring of their diabetes. So knowing death from diabetes is a horrible way to die keeps the fear alive.

One thing that helped me, was to get into a routine with some of the stuff. Now you can't always take your meds or test at the exact same time every day because life is not that convenient. However, you can create certain routines to make it easier. For instance: Daily foot checks! This is an eaasy routine to do. Every morning when I get out of the shower and am getting dressed, I check my feet just before the socks go on. Every night before bed, I take my socks off and check to see if anything has changed since morning (blisters, rash etc). I really massage my feet while I put the lotion on them annd then a new pair of socks. It took a couple of weeks to get into the check the feet routine and the same with the lotion, but now it is just a natural thing for me to do.

So hopefully when you have had a bit of time to get into habits and routines that are good for diabetes, things will ease up. Just remember nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect and it is ok if you mess up or slack off every once in awhile. Just get back on track and keep at it.

Take care,

Lisa07 2011-01-05 13:24:25 -0600 Report

Hello! well in my opinion is kind of hard sometimes to deal with daily diet and exercise. Is all about will power, good positive thinking and motivations and of course support from your husband, friends and family good luck to you!!!!

realsis77 2011-01-02 12:01:30 -0600 Report

Hi. I've had diabetes now for six months and I shoot two different insulins daily. Yes, it does get easier I promise! The longer I have it the easier and more normal everything becomes! I feel as if I've had diabetes forever now. I realise six months is a very short time but I've grown sooo much in this time! Things like shots and testing are normal as normal can be now. I know its rough right now for you but soon things will become second nature for you I promise. Hang in there! It really does get easier! Work closely with your doctor to get your numbers down and if you take insulin get the correct dose its very important to work together and let your doc know how your numbers are so he can make a treatment plan that works for you! I've now got my numbers great and I'm doing well but I can't stress enough how important it is to work closely with your doc so he can devise a treatment plan just for you! Don't get frusterated hang in there and your doc and yourself can find a plan that works for you! I am doing great with my numbers thanks to my treatment plan!

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2011-01-01 14:53:18 -0600 Report

Hi! Happy New Year! I have been learning for two years and still haven't been able to get my numbers where I want them. I hope you will keep trying and learning everyday.
Your Friend

MAYS 2011-01-01 14:40:01 -0600 Report

It's all up to you!
Maintain a positive attitude, do what you have to do for yourself.
It gets easier as you learn and do, keep moving forward!


roshy 2011-01-22 19:56:57 -0600 Report

i completely agree, it is all to do with attitude!! the good and bad times comes in waves i think !!learning how to speak about it is the same, sometimes it comes easy and other times its just not as easy! an attitude which is pessimistic and full of hopelessness is very damaging though and if your in that frame of mind all the time nothing will change or get better!

MewElla 2011-01-01 14:33:45 -0600 Report

I have been at this type2 less than a year and while many situations pop up, I would say I am learning so much from talking with folks on this site and it has been a real learning curve for me, which makes life more understanding and better for me. Good Luck to you and Happy New Year.

shorty1965 2010-12-30 08:03:56 -0600 Report

Thank you all for your help now i know there is a light at the end but does it take long to come.Do it have to take years to get it under control?Ther is a lot of info to learn is there any real good books that i can get to help me with starting from step 1 to understand how to put a plain in motion.

Harlen 2010-12-30 07:30:12 -0600 Report

I have gotten better over time taking car of my diabetes and I think anyone that works on it will get better at it over time so hang in there and keep at it
Best wishes

BandonBob 2010-12-29 19:37:02 -0600 Report

I have had type 2 now for 22 years. My answer to your question would have to be both yes and no. Yes in many ways it does get easier as you settle into the routine of diet, exercise and medicine. For me the no part is that no matter how well I have it under control it keeps progressing and I am less able to control with diet and exercise and more reliant on medicine.

jayabee52 2010-12-30 00:27:08 -0600 Report

I agree Bob! You know better how to deal with day to day concerns, and the anger and depression that comes with DM is often muted, but the effects upon our bodies accumulate and there's no reversing them.