type 2 diiabetes

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i have type 2 diabetes and and have had it for about one an half years, still trying to except having it! my question is how can i get my bg numbers downi have tried everything and they just seem to stay between 190 and 235 and help would be appreciated?

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GabbyPA 2010-12-27 10:59:15 -0600 Report

Get an open dialogue with your doctor. Be 100% honest in that discussion or else the guidance will not be accurate. That is a great place to start and tell him your goals. You may find you are on the same page and sometimes once they know that, they work better with you and allow you to be part of the treatment decision making.

I am a lot like you. My numbers are stubborn and keep me above where I really want to be. We keep adjusting my meds, adding different exercise and I need to really clamp down on my food choices again. For me, I really have to eat nearly no carbs. Even moderate carb intake will cause my numbers to creep up.

It also takes time to figure things out. I dropped over 100 points just with diet and exercise. Now I am on meds to help me get the rest of the way. Like Ray said, everyone is different. We all react at different rates as well. I am always amazed when I hear people drop their levels in a week...I am still working on mine and it is going on 3 years now.

The main point is to keep trying. It gets frustrating sometimes and we want to give up or give in. I know I have...but I keep pushing forward. I am searching for that right combination of things.

RAYT721 2010-12-27 08:21:53 -0600 Report

Every body and everybody is different and what works for me may not work for you. I am not on insulin or meds but my numbers are usually normal-high. I have taken baby steps by adding and taking away things until I have found a mix that works for me. I have added drinking more water and less regular (sugared) soda/pop. I have added more walking to my routine. I have added breakfast to my daily menu that I rarely ate in the past. I have lost weight slowly. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but have taken the steps that I have taken towards feeling and looking better. Your management successes will come from within you. You did not mention whether you are doing this on your own or under a doctor's care. Some people need medication while others get by with meditation. Just remember that it's not going to change for you overnight. Glucose control comes from self control, portion control, weight control, carb control and understanding that YOU are in control. Good luck and keep us posted. Like the Home Depot commercial, "you can do it … we can help."

Harlen 2010-12-27 07:29:46 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
What typ of meds are you on?
Are you counting carbs?
What are you doing now?
I am not a Doc but I know we can help you we just need a little more info to help you better.
Cutting the carbs helps a lot.
Getting the right meds helps even more.
Working out help too.
Keep in tuch and let me know whats going on with you so I can help you more.
Best wishes

lkh6951 2010-12-27 20:53:30 -0600 Report

When I was first diagnosed I was heart-broken. I did not and to be honest still do not understand counting carbs. At first I gave up everything I loved. No sugar in my tea or coffee. Now I eat anything I want. I've lost 120 lbs. The key for me was lots of walking, unsweetened drinks, baked, broiled, steamed and grilled foods and replacing salt with herbs. When I started Metformin my bg hung around 130 then went to 120 or less. Now, carefully watching my portion sizes, I eat anything I want. I only test once a day (unless I'm sick) but seldom hit 130 and my A1cs run 6.0.
Work with your Dr. and diatician, and try to relieve some stress. Stress can play havoc with your numbers, too.

Warmest regards,

Linda H.

Harlen 2010-12-28 11:10:53 -0600 Report

I do the same thing but I needed to go to the pump I test 4 to 6 times a day so I can ajust my insulin as needed.
As a chef I have some insite to cooking lol I dont eat just what I like if I did that I would be useing 300 ut of insulin every day lol I keep it down to 45 to 65 carbs a day.and still use 150 ut or so.
The last 6 days have benn blisfull lol
No stress at all lol
Best wishes

lkh6951 2010-12-28 15:12:12 -0600 Report

I'm very blessed to still be on Metformin after 9 years. As a matter of fact I take less now than I did a year ago. this morning my bg was 100.