Dandruff May Be A Problem With Diabetes

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Dandruff May Be A Complication With Diabetes
I'm not completely sure I believe this, but a diabetic friend does. Dandruff is caused by a kind of yeast and sugar causes the yeast to grow. So having low blood sugar helps prevent dandruff. This is all new to me. Wash your hair in apple cider vinegar and it kills the yeast and your dandruff is gone. Repeat once every two weeks. Use lots of shampoo after the vinegar wash to help eliminate the smell.

I had terrible dandruff while growing up, and well into my adulthood. The dandruff stopped about the time I found I should eat low carb. I was eating far fewer carbs/sugar and the dandruff disappeared. Maybe there is something to this.

I prefer vinegar in my salad, but if I ever have dandruff again, maybe I should pour some over my hair as well, but not at the same time I am eating my salad. That could get very messy.

Sysy Morales wrote the blog about dandruff and vinegar. Here is her blog:


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GabbyPA 2010-12-26 23:47:42 -0600 Report

There have been a lot of discussions on this and the connection between the two. This is the first I have heard of it as being a yeast issue. Very interesting.

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