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Graylin Bee
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What a very Merry Christmas it is this year. Last night I celebrated with my husband, Mom (aka The Cake Lady), my newly married niece and her husband. We enjoyed the music and message at the newlyweds Church.
Today is the big family gathering full of fun, noise, and food. We will be enjoying ham, green bean casserole, potato salad, and fresh veggies.
I made the desserts yesterday. Not diabetic friendly ones either. But I have been craving Choolate Chip Brownies. One bite will be 1 of my carb servings. But I also have the pleasure of the aroma of them lingering in our home and will not be facing the temptation of eating too many. My other dessert is Coconut Macaroons. I am allergic to coconut, but I can enjoy 1 with no ill affects. My husband really likes them and I have to keep shooing him away from them, or we will be having to make more.
Today I need to make the dinner rolls and maybe I'll make a few madeleines since the flour will be out and they can vanish with the other desserts. Letting me eat just one.
I can't help it if I have baker genes. I am the Cake Ladies Daughter. Her grandfather's sister had a cake bakery on the island of Moen in Denmark.
Perhaps my New Year's resolution should be to get busy working on Diabetes friendlier versions of my favorite desserts.
Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year everyone.

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GabbyPA 2010-12-26 23:54:45 -0600 Report

I am telling need to write a book. Maybe a title such as "The Cake Lady's Daughter". LOL

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