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I was sitting here watching a movie about my roots. "Coal Miner's Daughter".

Once again, we need to make sure we know our roots. Mine is full of Type II Diabetes on the Maternal side. Where did your issues arise?

Rest in peace daddy. You fought a long hard battle. I have the watch and will stand vigilant over those who are still on post.

Semper Fi


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keek 2010-12-23 08:42:22 -0600 Report

I am the only diabetic in my family. When I developed Type I 15 years ago, my symptoms were text book, but it took a while for my parents to figure out what was going on because they thought I might just have a stomach bug or the flu…
If I am blessed to have children of my own I hope they do not develop my condition.

jayabee52 2010-12-24 01:02:28 -0600 Report

My 3 sons are quite likely to get it. (I certainly pray they don't). But I attempt to warn them of the possibility, and my middle son asked me to check his BG# the other day. My grandchildren are likely to get it too as middle son's wife's dad has T2 that he controls with diet & exercise. (I hadn't known that before a couple of days ago)

squog master
squog master 2010-12-23 00:52:50 -0600 Report

My mother had type2. She didn't get it until she was 70. Strange thing is I don't remember them treating it with meds. I lived w/her because of her RA and was up to date on all her meds. She lost some weight and watched her sugar intake. That's all. She never had to take her blood sugar w/ a glucometer. I think she did a blood test every 3 months. This was approx 20 years ago. I have 2 1st cousins, Mom's side, that have type 2 now. Not sure how long though. I get my RA, & Osteoperosis from Mom's side. Hypertension & heart murmur from Dad's. An extra heartbeat from both. My Granfather on Mom's side died of a massive heart attack & my Dad had angina. Where the allergies, asthma, & COPD came from God only knows.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-12-22 20:55:13 -0600 Report

My Dad's 1 and only sibling has diabetes. Dad was prediabetic. No one else in the family except me. I think getting Dad's bad leg veins pushed me into a 10 year earlier diagnoses then my Uncle. The MRSA infection also pushed my BG levels up. Whenever Dad had infections from his bad veins his BG went up, but always stayed below the Diabetic level. I was diagnosed when I was fighting the infections and so far since the infections are gone my BG has been better. Cancers have been the usual cause of problems for both my parents families.

melissa5786 2010-12-22 09:54:20 -0600 Report

Diabetes doesn't run in my family that I know of. My uncle on my father's side has Type 2 and my developed Type 2 when she was fighting her battle with cancer.

Last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 after being rushed the the hospital with 22 gallstones that ate and killed most of my pancreas. All of my doctor's told me that if the pancreas disease had never accured I would never have been diabetic. It really was a freak accident. I almost died and my life changed forever. I'm handling it well, considering everything that had to change. I've lost over 150 pounds (a lot of my extra weight was poison building up and killing me.) The lifestyle changes I'm making now will keep me vigilant when I have my own kids and start raising a family. For now, I've become quite and advocate for the disease. If my story can help someone newly diagnosed I know it's worth living with this disease.

jeffrey9127 2010-12-22 09:09:18 -0600 Report

Both of my Grandmothers, an Aunt on my mothers' side of the family, and my sister and I have/had Type 2 Diabetes. I am unclear about any other relatives that might have it. I worry about my two daughters getting it because the are both overweight, and don't exercise like they should.

GabbyPA 2010-12-22 08:19:12 -0600 Report

This all rushed in from both sides, but my parents generation seems to be the first stricken. My dad was first and the threads of other blood disorders ran on his side, but he was the first we know of with diabetes. The others are leukemia and it struck his sister's kids. My dad's side were farmers and lived rather healthy lifestyles and have all been of good weight and overall health.

So it came in also on my mom's side and again, she seems to be the first to have it. She is just 4 years younger than my dad, but she got it much later in life than any of us. Her family had a generally contemporary life and more comforts and ease of life. Weight was an on and off thing in the family and they tended to have very long life spans with the exception of her father who was taken by cancer before I really knew him.

So while I do agree there is genetic pre-dispositions to diabetes. I am thinking so much more of it is triggered by the processed foods we eat now. By the sedentary lifestyles we lead. All factors coming together to create a tsunami of diabetes. The perfect storm.

jayabee52 2010-12-22 02:14:29 -0600 Report

Well, Dude, You made your own thread! Blessings!

No DM that I know of on dad's side of family, I believe there's DM on mom's uncles & cousins.

Only my younger brother and I have DM. None of Dad's brothers & sisters or their offspring have it. So maybe it comes through mom.s side. Mom doesn't have it, but she is "fluffy" so one might think she might. I'm worried a bit about my sons getting DM. All 3 have a bit of a weight problem, and their mother had gestational DM ith each pregnancy. And I have DM, and their mothers, mother had it, even though their mother doesn't - yet. So I am concerned about my sons, who are each rather hefty.

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