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Lets Talk About Complcations.And Symptems.JeanHart

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momoftype1 2008-09-27 16:18:55 -0500 Report

When my girl was diagnosed she had DKA-her sugar was above 1200. I thought she had the flue. She was thirsty constantly, high volume of urination, very lethargic, and could not keep anything down. I took her to the ER and they immediatley put her on IV and drew her blood to test. I have seen blood draws before and had never seen blood look the way hers did. Once diagnosed she spent 3 days in ped ICU and 1 in the regular unit. 30 days later while still trying to GET the program and understand what was gong on she woke up at 3 am in seizures with a BG of 28-ER once again and an IV to get her BG up to normal. Thank God since then we have not had any major issues. She can tell when she getting high or low now by common symptoms lik the shakes, blurry vision, feeling weak(low) and occasionally a headache or stomach pains (high). I understand that everyone has different reactions to highs and lows, but the endo told her to listen to her body and at 10 she is doing a great job. She is now on the pump, has been for about 30 days, and it has been a blessing.

Dawn -momoftype1

vgarrison 2008-09-27 16:36:38 -0500 Report

OMG Dawn that is way super scary!!! I ended up in the ER a couple of weeks ago with DKA and my bs was 618…I had the same symptoms and like you thought it was just the flu. Thank goodness you took her to the ER!!!

Diabetes is hard to deal with, but I like it better than the alternative of death…Thank goodness you still have your little girl! I wish you both the best of luck!!!!!


GabbyPA 2008-09-27 13:35:32 -0500 Report

What would you like to know? There are so many and such a difference in each. Do you have something in mind that you want to start with?

msfriendly 2008-09-27 14:59:21 -0500 Report

I hope I'll remember how to return to this page. I've been diabetic for a very long time however was never really had it explained to me. I've recently started to research it since the morning I woke up in 'shock'. When 911 arrived my sugar was 32. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep.

morris.js 2008-09-27 15:07:31 -0500 Report

msfriendly, Like I mentioned to Jean in an email, look in on some of the discussions that are already taking place here. There is a wealth of information on just about every topic you can think of. If you don't see what you are looking for, then start one with your pecific questions.

As far as lows, I often drop into the high 30's and low 40's, but thankfully even if I'm in a sound sleep, I wake up with cold sweats and shakes. I also have two dogs that seem to sense when I'm starting to go low, and they will do their best to get my attention as well.

I would reccomend keeping some easy and fast acting form of glucose such as tablets or gel close by your bedside so that if you do wake up with symptoms, you can easily get some into your system.

All my best! John

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