i decided to try and make a change

By t0tianna Latest Reply 2011-06-02 13:31:45 -0500
Started 2010-12-19 12:10:33 -0600

im tired of beaing the fat chick in the group
and im tired of beaing the fatass that people are starting to not take serious
i am on christmas break and i will do what i used to do over the summer
salads salalds and salads and water mmmm :)
wish me luck cause this fat ass is going to disappear

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t0tianna 2011-02-17 20:06:49 -0600 Report

to everyone
everything just seems hopeless right now
things just fall down hill and get worse
and when you have no support at home
no one to guide u at school
and no one to turn to at the end of the day things get really hard
i've been trying but everything i have been going through just makes things worse
i even started attending church
to know whats been going on since i last have been on here
check and read my status :( i hate this

Nanareets 2011-06-02 13:31:45 -0500 Report

t0tianna: Today is my first day here and your story broke my heart. I am 73 years old and have been "fluffly" all my life. (hate the word fat) I am a fairly new diabetic and have had great problems dealing with the changes in diet necessary after all the years not having to count carbs, etc. To make matters worse, I am confined to a wheel chair (body lously with RH) which makes excerise virtually impossible. I was gaining weight right and left and my blood sugar was all over the place. I pretty much had given up when I saw the add on TV for one of the more popular diet plans which had a plan for diabetics. I decided to give it a try (what did I have left) To make a long story short, it is working. I am losing weight, my blood sugar is under control and with the help of tips I received from this site I now have hope. NOW- as for how you are feeling about yourself - remember this "BE GOOD TO YOURSELF" took me a long time to figure this out. The only thing stopping you, is you - Been there, done that. It's not easy, I know - but love yourself - and the rest wiil follow. It will not happen overnight - but you will be surprised - wake up each morning with joy in your heart and a smile on your face - today is going to be a good day - try to have a positive outlook - the rest will follow, I promise. Be positive and people will will see you completly different- join in activities at church, meet new people and you will find how supportive they will be. Take it one day at a time - keep a journal - that helped me express my feelings. You will have good days and bad days of course, that is life but you will find eventually the good will out weigh the bad. I wish you all the luck in the world - keep us posted on how you are doing. Hope I haven't rambled on too much - Nanareets

tomecom 2010-12-23 09:03:24 -0600 Report

t0banna: if it will help, I had great success with a diet that was developed for diabetics. I could not lose weight before starting the Desperation Diet. I now realize why. I have lost over 70 pounds and have kept it off. Diabetes causes weight gain, and fights weight loss. Insulin is the culprit. You will also learn how vitamin deficiencies cause weight gain, and how to fix it.

The diet requires a lot of reading for each section, but it is all good. You will learn a massive amount of information about diabetes, weight gain, the causes of weight gain, and weight loss. The diet fixes the causes of weight gain, which means that it will not come back unless you do something stupid. You will also fix a lot of health issues in the process, which will benefit your diabetes.

You can get a free copy of the diet by going on the CNET.com website. Just type the Desperation Diet name into the search box and then download it. It is easy and safe.

Let me know how you do.

melissa5786 2010-12-20 20:23:29 -0600 Report

Just remember to have a positive attitude about yourself. You ARE NOT a fat ass. First and foremost I think you need to make a list of all the wonderful things about you and read it every morning when you wake up. That way, you'll happily eat the egg white omelets, salads and water without feeling like you're doing it because you want to fit in. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you want to do this for yourself, to make yourself happier than I hope you surpass your goals.

jayabee52 2010-12-20 20:09:38 -0600 Report

You are undoubtedly a wonderful person, skinny OR heavy. It is healthier to be of a more normal weight. I pray you achieve what you are attempting!

Harlen 2010-12-19 19:02:38 -0600 Report

Your beautiful as you are if you wish to make a chainge then thats up to you.
Dont let others make you do anything if you wish do it for you Its the only way it will work
Best wishes

spiritwalker 2010-12-19 17:41:02 -0600 Report

Good luck with your weight loss. Remember exercise is important too. Even if you
start slow with say 10 minutes of walking it helps to lower bg.

BandonBob 2010-12-19 13:48:23 -0600 Report

As Gabby says work also on your perception of yourself But remember that lsoing the weight will be so very good for yourself. The benefits will make it worth it. It will help your rdiabetes, which in turn will help your mental health and if you throw in a little exercise you can really healp all those things.

GabbyPA 2010-12-19 13:36:01 -0600 Report

While you are working on your weight, also work on your self perception. I think you might be surprised to see that people see you quite differently than you think. I know when I realized that people really did love me for who I was and not for what I looked like it was liberating. Now, when I loose weight, it is just natural and in good slow time. I have the confidence that my family and friends give me.

I know I will too loose weight and I need to join your salad bar!! Can I pull up a chair? Pass the vinaigrette please. LOL Hang in there t0tianna, we will help you out.

Sassy048 2010-12-19 13:10:57 -0600 Report

I feel the same way a lot of the time. I need to get my husband who loves my cooking that I have to work harder on changing what we eat. Best of Luck to you

jayabee52 2010-12-20 20:06:03 -0600 Report

Just take "Baby Steps" toward the change. If too many changes all of a sudden you both may resist them and sabotage your efforts. I pray you will succeed. I am sure your husband loves you the way you are!