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Hello everyone. I was diagnosed on October 11 2010 with type 2 diabetes. It was kinda my fault. Prior to this date my doctor said that i was borderline diabetic and that i had to watch what i was doing. And not listening to him i ended up on the wrong side of that line. Since then i've been eating better, excercising and watching what i eat. I usually try to go for a walk 6 days a week for about 30 mins. I know that i have lost weight due to the fact that my clothes are falling off of me. So i think i'm doing pretty good. There are some days where i just don't feel like getting out of bed. I would like to hear what everyone else does to make it through each day. So far just worrying about one thing at a time is helping me. I take metformin twice a day and check my blood sugar once a week. Everything else in between i take it as it comes. Its hard for me because i'm 21 and no one in my family has it. But i'm trying my hardest to make this situation a reason to better my life. I say to myself everyday before i get out of bed in the morning "You will do at least one thing today that will give your diabetes a kick in the butt! And that will put a smile on your face" Any sayings you guys have for yourself?

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tomecom 2010-12-17 10:16:39 -0600 Report

Calvo06: your low energy is likely due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that come with diabetes. It is caused by high blood sugars and inflammation. Every diabetic should be taking a good quality (all natural) multivitamin every day (not from Walmart or Walgreens). By restoring your vitamin deficiencies you will restore deficient amino acids which control things like energy level, depression, food cravings, weight gain, and many others.

email me at small and I will forward a copy of the Diabetes Primer, which is designed to help newly diagnosed diabetics learn how to take charge of their diabetes. Or, you can download it for free from Just type the program name (Diabetes Primer) into the search box at the top of the page on the website.

The primer helps you understand the cause of diabetes, lifestyle changes that you need to consider, how diabetes impacts all of your vital organs, and how to prevent damage. It contains a glycemic index table that will help you plan your meals and improve your blood sugar management. I have given copies to thousands of diabetics.

You have a good attitude about your diabetes. Keep up the good work. Educate your family as well as yourself about diabetes. It will help you immensely.

Bill T from Mind Over Diabetes
Bill T from Mind Over Diabetes 2010-12-17 08:21:07 -0600 Report

Check out the Behavior Change Styles assessment on We have found that a little insight into what a person prefers makes a big difference in being successful. Let me know what you think. Bill T

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2010-12-15 21:48:00 -0600 Report


I just wanted to jump in and offer you some support. It sounds like you are a fighter -- you begin and end your post with an attitude of empowerment, and your are are putting positive action behind your words. Fantastic. You are a perfect example of someone who is taking control of their health, doing everything possible to stay healthy. You're an inspiration!

As you implied, it's really important to take care of your mind and spirit along with your body. Find a safe place to talk about how you're feeling emotionally, with a friend or family member, who can listen objectively and not try to tell you what to do. A mental health professional might also be helpful here. You don't have to be positive and upbeat every minute of the day, you are human after all. It's okay to have grouchy days when you don't feel like facing it all. But again, it's important to have emotional support.

Give yourself positive pep talks. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can, that you are taking great care of yourself, that you are facing life on life's terms. Even if you don't feel all that positive, tell yourself that you have decided to stay healthy and that you are committed to staying on the path.

And yes, tell yourself that you are kicking diabetes in the behind.

Do things that you enjoy, have something to look forward to every day. Listening to music, talking to a friend, taking a walk. Do things that nurture your spirit, as well.

Life is good, and you are in the swing of things. Celebrate yourself!

And stay close with your friends on Diabetic Connect! Keep us posted.

realsis77 2010-12-15 14:45:10 -0600 Report

That's a good saying! I just tell myself before my injections "you will do what needs to be done to stay healthy!"

GabbyPA 2010-12-15 11:10:15 -0600 Report

The best thing I did was get an exercise buddy that doesn't take no for an answer. She is my dog. Every single day, rain or shine she wants that walk in the evening that is our special time. Even when she is having trouble with her joints due to the cold, she is just as excited to get that leash on. She is teaching me a lot.

It sounds like you have taken the bull by the horns and I love your attitude. You are right, one thing at a time and it will eventually add up to a lot of things that have helped you gain control. I love your morning affirmation: "You will do at least one thing today that will give your diabetes a kick in the butt! And that will put a smile on your face" I have just taped that to my bathroom mirror.

CaliKo 2010-12-16 14:20:09 -0600 Report

I so want a dog to go running with me. I've been waiting until I retire so I'm not just leaving a dog lonely at home, but maybe I can find a neighbor who will let me walk their dog.

granniesophie 2010-12-17 05:16:01 -0600 Report

Is there a shelter or Humane Society close by? Maybe they would let you walk a dog a couple times a week.

CaliKo 2010-12-17 09:02:42 -0600 Report

That is a great idea, but I'm kind of on the outskirts of the city, and all the services like that are further in. I do know lots of my neighborhood ladies though, because we have a monthly poker game.

ELDER GREEN 2010-12-15 11:04:14 -0600 Report

You have to just keep reminding yourself that eating right and exercixing is helping me have quality of life and that being diabetic will not deter me from enjoying life.

ELDER GREEN 2010-12-15 11:04:13 -0600 Report

You have to just keep reminding yourself that eating right and exercixing is helping me have quality of life and that being diabetic will not deter me from enjoying life.

sloane 2010-12-15 09:35:34 -0600 Report

It's easy to let things get away from us. Now you are taking steps to regain your health, that is the main thing…

CaliKo 2010-12-15 09:13:20 -0600 Report

Sometimes when I don't feel like exercising I tell myself "I exercise everyday because I'm a diabetic everyday." Usually gets me moving. Good luck, and welcome to the site.

jeffrey9127 2010-12-15 06:58:21 -0600 Report

Hello em _calvo06, I like to say, "All days are good. Some are just better than others." I consider myself lucky to have the things in life that I have. I try to keep a positive attitude because if the mind is not willing, the body won't do what it needs to do. Your saying is very good, very positive. It sounds like your on the right track to take care of your self. Good luck!

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