Add a Diabetic Recipe and You Could Win $100 Gift Card

John Crowley
By John Crowley Latest Reply 2010-12-15 10:19:12 -0600
Started 2010-12-13 17:31:58 -0600

Hey, Friends,

We're excited to remind you about the Recipe Contest going on right now on Diabetic Connect.

Before December 31, 2010, everyone who adds a new Diabetic Recipe in our Recipe section will be entered to win a $100 Walgreens Gift Card.

It's that simple. So share with us your favorite low-carb dinner, snack, breakfast, or beverage. Or whatever you cook that helps you maintain blood sugar control.

Here's a link to get started right now:

Here's a video showing how simple it is to add a recipe here on Diabetic Connect:

Here's a link to the official rules of the contest:

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squog master
squog master 2010-12-14 23:19:35 -0600 Report

John, Can you please tell me how to add a recipe without viewing the video? My computer is having problems with those right now. It took me 30mins just to view the Harry Potter trailer. It should have taken 2.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2010-12-15 10:19:12 -0600 Report

Sure. Click on the "Recipes" link in the left-hand navigation.

Then, once in the Recipes section, look for the big blue button in the upper right that says "Add a Recipe."

Then simply fill in the information, like the name of the recipe, ingredients, instructions, etc.

Then choose which categories the recipe belongs in, such as chicken, beef, breakfast, low-carb, etc.

And that's it. Super easy.

GabbyPA 2010-12-14 18:40:41 -0600 Report

Please, please....I love picking out recipes to try here, so please add some new ones! I just found a wonderful desert, yum. I like to use the recipes to plan my menu with.