Charity Care? (Help for those who need it)

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In these tough economic times many people are making the necessary sacrifices required in order to survive.

Please do not let neglect of your health be one of those sacrifices.

Free, and\or reduced medical care is being offered on a local, state, and federal level all across this country in spite of monetary cutbacks.

“Charity Care,” is known by many names, in many states.
Don’t view it as a “Hand Out,” it’s more of a “Helping Hand” to those who are in need of these medical services.

Check with your city, and state authorities to see what is available for you, and your loved ones.

(Many services are available, but “You” must inquire about them).

The link below is to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, here you can find many health related resources nationwide.

If you need it, and if you qualify for it, use it!

Don’t become political concerning your health, become sensible.
Your health is your number one priority!


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GabbyPA 2010-12-11 15:05:31 -0600 Report

Yes! this is what I had to do. I don't use any "government" money, but I go to a local clinic that was founded by a local doctor who wanted to help those who needed a little extra help. I pay on a sliding scale based on my income and it has been a life saver. The doctors are actually pretty good and I feel comfortable with the treatment I get. I cannot see a specialist because I am self pay, but at least I can afford to get my general labs and quarterly visits with my doctor.

MAYS 2010-12-11 15:29:34 -0600 Report

I applaud you for you methods, consideration and principles, many others may not be in a position, mentally, physically, or financially to do as you do.

More people should "try harder" to take care of themselves, and their health.
Have you ever thought about writing an article on methods, and services available for those who are in need of healthcare?


GabbyPA 2010-12-11 15:39:13 -0600 Report

All the ways I found things were helped along by people here on the site. I would ask a question and someone would suggest something. I would find a way to get similar information locally. Every place is different and you do have to do some digging to find the treasure. It took me almost 9 months to find my clinic, but it was worth it. I have never considered doing an article, perhaps I will do that.

I do agree, that in general, we have developed a sense of "do for me" instead of "do for myself" and that is where we have to stop. No one is going to take care of our diabetes but ourselves. I am a staunch advocate of taking responsibility for ourselves. No free hand outs, but some help with where you are at. No government free rides, but effort to do your best so you can always hold your head high and say "I did this for myself, my family and my future".

realsis77 2010-12-11 13:02:10 -0600 Report

Excellant advice mays! When people ask on this site where to get help I ALWaYS refer them to the department of human services because I know they will help. I have a secondary help through them. What my ssi dosent cover they do. Yes its a hassel to apply but its soooo worth it in the long run! Also the health departments know of programs to help people. I went through them to get my free sharps container! But your exactly right you must do the foot work yourself because no one can do it for you! So true! So true!

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