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I have learned through experiences with my mom, who was diagnosed and treated for depression 2 years before someone else diagnosed her with diabetes, and by that time no oral medications would help her, Her diet was way out of control, because she ate for depression, when it was actually the diabets that made her eat foods she craved because of the offset of he metabolism, She had a hard time with the new diagnosis and diet, and because it was diagnosed so late she had a hard time fighting off the other severe problems attached.

Please, please, If you even have a hint that you are wrongly diagnosed, get a second opinion. Take control right away so that you can be on the right road to recovery. And try really hard to be vigilant with your health. You only have one life, and you still have time to make it a happy one, maybe even by helping yourself, you can help someone else. Take Back the Control

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GabbyPA 2008-09-27 06:24:20 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing your insights. These kinds of things are frustrating.

My dad was diagnosed very late, and though he was very controlled, pancriatic cancer took him anyway. Depression is a huge part of what my mom dealt with long before her diabetes was diagnosed. I had a strange feeling in my feet, that is what prompted me to test myself, and there you have it.

It is hard in these economic times, but when I was visiting my primary every 6 months, geting my blood work checked. I felt good knowing that was being done. My last check up before I lost my insurance there was a hint that I might be diabetic...but he didn't really think it was anything to worry about, so I didn't. STUPID!!

If I had taken the actions I have taken now, back then...I might not be here.
However, I am one for believeing things happen for a reason. I have made great friends here, I have taken control of my lifestyle, and in the process, I am helping my mom to better manage her diabetes as well. So maybe that is why. Maybe it is to touch some one here. Maybe it is a reason I don't know yet.

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