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I have Type 2 Diabetes.and also suffer from Depression.Does anyone else have this too?

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Kathy Cook
Kathy Cook 2010-12-11 18:45:31 -0600 Report

I suffer from depression, also. I'm taking Lexapro. But sometimes it does not come from chemicals. Right now I'm working on a problem that started about 15 years ago. But I have a good therapist & I'll get through it okay.

Antique-Dave 2010-12-09 14:49:31 -0600 Report

Sometimes you are low on B12 and D3 and that can have an affect if its depression caused by an imbalance, I found those two supplements to be helpful for me to shake depression,

Eversinging1 2010-12-09 13:46:01 -0600 Report

I was diagnosed years ago as having mild to moderate depression. Once in a while I have to go back on anti-depressants. Right now I am not taking any but I have some anti-anxiety drugs in stock lol. I get in deep funks now and again and have panic attacks. This was BEFORE I got diagnosed with diabetes. sometimes just thinking about having this disease it puts me in a deep funk. My husband is my #1 support person and he knows how to get me out of bed and back into life. Surround yourself with some good people who can help you through the low points. See your doc about treatments. Keep us posted on how you're doing. I hear depression in diabetics is very common…or with any chronic illness.

realsis77 2010-12-08 12:36:17 -0600 Report

Hi yes I also have depression and diabetes. I'm very lucky because recently I got put on one of the newer depression pills with a add on pill that really helps me a lot! I've suffered from severe depression for 24 years and one thing I've learned is if the current pills your taking now aren't working swich! Don't suffer through it! Its taken me this long to finally find a great combo of pills that actually work! They are a combo of prestique and abilify. Everyone is different and I know abilify dosnt help diabetes any but its really helped my depression. Don't be afraid to talk to your dooctor because there are so many choices out there for you and can help with your depression! I really wish you the best of luck! Id talk to my doctor about adding a depression pill. That can really help and I speak from expirence! Best wishes

LTennion 2010-12-08 08:15:17 -0600 Report

Hello There! I believe there are a great number of diabetics who also suffer from depression as well as other afflictions stemming from this disorder, depending on the level of success in controlling blood sugar levels. When considering this disorder and all that it encompasses, it is no wonder that someone would eventually become depressed, or at the very least experience burn-out from time to time. I think each person experiences cycles of emotions similar to that of the grieving processes…denial, anger, sadness, etc. I'm a big advocate in recognition and treatment for depression relating to diabetes. In my opinion, it is an enevitible condition to some degree. I find it sad that it is always listed as an after thought to the list of symptoms or effects of diabetes. Most patients experiencing complications due to diabetes usually have been or are still currently depressed. I have dealt with depression on and off. I have come to realize that this is an ongoing situation that seems to come and go. For me, it helps to realize that each time I emerge from an episode of some point it will return again. Because of this attitude, I don't feel like I have failed again with another aspect of my control managing my diabetes. I am certainly no doctor, and I would advise you to work with your health care providers, taking advantage of all of the resources available to you. But whatever you do, do not beat yourself up or sink into hopelessness. Best of luck!

bizzach 2010-12-08 08:07:21 -0600 Report

I have type 2 diabetes and suffer from bi polar disorder where i am depressed more than manic. It is difficult managing two very difficult diseases. I use my support people alot in my life.

Kathy Cook
Kathy Cook 2010-12-11 18:49:25 -0600 Report

I've also been diagnosed at Bi-Polar. But my problem has mostly been with the manic phase. I've discovered that some of my manic behavior is due to anxiety. My psychiatrist put me on Lexapro & I don't have much trouble anymore. I did find out that Lexapro is also used in the treatment of anxiety. I also had a fairly severe head injury (fractured skull) in 1991 & a lot of my problems started after that.

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