A Report On Type 1, 1900-1950, by Dr. Joslin

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Dr. Elliott Joslin wrote the following article in 1950. It gives a report on Type 1 diabetes for the years 1900-1950. It is very interesting to be able to compare the now with the then while reading this article. Type 1 diabetics, and others, should find the article very interesting…rather startling too.


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dietcherry 2011-06-08 09:17:25 -0500 Report

Its reassuring to know that even in 1950 the lifespan of a T1 had taken a dramatic turn for the better. For as much more as we now know about D, it appears that they were doing all the right things then and things havent changed much, save for better means of blood glucose monitoring and superior insulins. In the ensuing 60 years, we can see what we've accomplished. Is it enough?

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