Beating The Odds: 64 Years Of Diabetes Health

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This is the story of my first 64 years with diabetes. It gives my diabetes history and some of my autobiography. Online friends wanted to know what it was like to be a diabetic in the 1940's and beyond. This is explored here and carried to the present day. Many topics are discussed, including causes of Type 1 diabetes, how some Type 1 diabetics have lived so long without complications, the Joslin Medalist Program and my participation in the Joslin Medalist Study. There are many pictures dating as far back as the 1930's. My online blogs of my past have been very popular. Hundreds of replies say I have given inspiration and hope for the future for many of my diabetic readers and their families. My hope is that I can do the same for everyone who reads this book.

Here is the link for my page.

My ISBN number for placing orders at bookstores is: 1450515967

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You'll find many reviews on Mr Vaughn's book on Amazon… I should know. I wrote one! I give Richard's thought provoking and inspiring book two thumbs up. What I liked most about "Beating the Odds" was the author's conversational style of writing and heartfelt exposure to his life. This is a definite must read not only for the type 1 diabetic but anyone struggling with accepting and overcoming an illness.

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