Knowing About Your Type of Diabetes Medication and Hypoglycemia

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If you take insulin or a sulfonylurea drug, which squeezes more insulin out of your reluctant pancreas, for your own safety you need to wear or carry with you some form of identification, in case you unexpectedly develop hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

(sulfonylurea drugs)

Tolbutamide, brand name Orinase
Tolazamide, brand name Tolinase
Acetohexamide, brand name Dymelor
Chlorpropamide, brand names Diabinase and Glucamide

Glyburide, brand names Micronase, Diabeta, and Glynase. Among the foreign brand names for glyburide are Antibet, Azuglucon, Betanase, Gliban, Glibil, Gluben, and Orabetic

Glipizide, brand names Glucotrol and Glucotrol XL. Among the foreign brand names are Digrin, Glibenase, Glican, Glyco, Glynase (which is the same name as glyburide in the United States!), Mindiab, Napizide, and Sucrazide

Glimepiride, brand name Amaryl

Your body doesn’t function well when you have too little glucose in your blood. Your brain needs glucose to run the rest of your body, as well as to function intellectually.

Intelligent people lose their ability to think clearly when they become hypoglycemic.
They make simple mistakes, and other people often assume that they are drunk.

When your body detects that it has low blood glucose, it sends out a group of hormones that rapidly raise your glucose. But those hormones have to fight the strength of the diabetes medication (sulfonylurea drugs) that has been pushing down your glucose levels.

Hypoglycemia results from elevated amounts of insulin driving down your blood glucose to low levels, but an extra high dose of insulin or sulfonylurea medication isn’t always the culprit that elevates your insulin level.

The amount of food you take in, the amount of fuel (glucose) that you burn for energy, the amount of insulin circulating in your body, and your body’s ability to raise glucose by releasing it from the liver or making it from other body substances all affect your blood glucose level.

“Be your best friend, not your worst enemy.”

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