thanks for all the support

By msann Latest Reply 2010-12-04 21:17:00 -0600
Started 2010-12-02 13:31:41 -0600

thanks so much to this site, your support and concerns are so welcomed i know i am not in this by myself, any help i can offer i will, thank you all so much, have a great day!!!!!

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2010-12-04 21:17:00 -0600 Report

Hi msann,

You are definitely not alone in this. You are among an extraordinary group of people who are walking along beside you 24/7. Glad you are here!

RAYT721 2010-12-04 08:59:28 -0600 Report

MsAnn… it's great to have you here! Thanks for all of your contributions and offers to help us. Happy Holidays!!!