Are you the public restroom junkie?

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Just as a disclaimer if you will, I am very outspoken and get into trouble quite a bit because I will challenge.

I have read the results from a common thread from a little over a year ago. But I have to ask again. I will explain:

I spent 22 years in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. I am well aware of the nasty/unsanitary conditions the world can provide. Just as many of you, I am an IDDM patient (Insulin Dependent DM) and I am required to inject each time I have a meal. This is all new to me. I have only been a diagnosed diabetic for 4 years and insulin dependent for 9 months. But I like eating out!!

I have a real issue with going into a public restroom to inject. I will and am not afraid of giving my injection at the table especially as long as it takes for the food to arrive at some places. If someone has an issue, and they do not like the standard “I need it to live” answer, I will become confrontational.

The confrontation usually is verbal. My attempt at explaining why I have chosen to inject at the table “In Public” usually includes the simple question of “Would you let your Healthcare Team give you a shot a [this] Public Restroom?” The usual response is “No! That is so un-sanitary!” They realize what they just said and then shut-up. If they pursue the issue, I will ask them to follow me; I will begin to pick up their plate and they will ask what I am doing and where we are going. I will explain that if they will eat in the same S#!^ House I am expected to inject in, I will gladly inject in their while they eat right beside me. No takers yet.

For the most part, folks around me have either applauded or at least expressed positive comments for confronting the “Moral” citizens.

The event that made me begin my confrontations was at a local “Cracker Barrel”. [Let it be known right now "Cracker Barrel" had no issue and I have no issue with "Cracker Barrel". it just happened to be where this confrontation happened.] One of our local PD’s finest happened to be in the restaurant. I was in the bathroom preparing my injection on the sink I had just wiped down with the Clorox or Lysol quick wipes I used to carry. A Gentleman, exited from the Crapper came to the sink (2 of them, I was on the right side). By the time I had completed the injection Officer Johnny Law had entered and had me against the wall. “Only Junkies shoot in a bathroom!”

Great words from a great man “Only Junkies shoot in a bathroom!” So I shoot where I am at when I need to.

What do you do? Do you cower to the Moral Majority, or do you try to educate your public if confronted.

Stand your ground!

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Doc 720
Doc 720 2010-12-03 08:35:25 -0600 Report

@realsis77 - Girl, you have to think about all of the nasty bugs in that bathroom (see below). Let me just say if you walked in with a black light and saw how much is actually spread around (Urine has florescent properties, an old Naval preventive medicine trick in doing facility inspections). Turn out the lights and watch the spots appear.

Not to be mean, but, Oh thats right your a woman; and women squat, therefore no splatter right? Well it is a proven fact that when you are done and you stand up and adjust yourself. Either the electronic flushing mechanism erupts into service or you jiggle a handle. when that toilet erupts into its main purpose, there is a mist that goes into the air and lands where ever.

I will bet that like most women, you place your purse on the floor in there. Also, when you go to the counter to wash your hands. Plop! Right next to you, and how many others do the same thing.

Now, some of the bugs you can find on the counter include Hepatitis A, B, C; Influenza; E. Coli; various Coliform Bacteria… and the list goes on.

P.S. if you want to see the florescence, go to a pet section and get the pet clean-up kit (not the actual name) the one that has the batter operated black light. Walk into your home bathroom and be amazed that you have Urine florescence on the flipping ceiling!!!

realsis77 2010-12-02 16:41:53 -0600 Report

Wow! I shoot in the bathroom. I get real self concience but I need to adopt your attitude! I've only been at it in three months so I'm still getting used to it all. :)

Harlen 2010-12-02 15:27:19 -0600 Report

When in the restroon and need a shot I give it lol
Junkies mani line they don;t shoot up SQ sub qutaneous lol
Tell them to keep up with whats what lol
I would lovw to have one do that to me lol that would be fun lol
Best wishes

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