“All you need is love.”

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The power of love is often underestimated, and misunderstood.

Your life is no longer about what you want; it’s now about what you need.
You can give yourself a much-needed boost in life by falling in love with a very special person … yourself!

With this love must come passion, a passion for life!
A need to succeed, the ultimate challenge, the desire to survive diabetes!

Being in love, will allow you to see the world, and life itself, in a different light.

It will also make you aware of your surroundings, every minute becomes precious, smiles form, and laughter comes easily as pleasing thoughts cross your mind.

You will begin to filter out the negative aspects of life, concentrating on the positive ones which will began to transform you into a new, energetic person, one who will influence the lives of others in a positive way.

Tomorrow becomes just as important as today.


Because you will first imagine it, then you will plan for it.
Your thoughts today (good or bad), will become reality tomorrow!


This is how you must attack diabetes, or any other obstacles in your path.
First fall in love with yourself, again!
Second, visualize tomorrow, plan for it, and then make it happen!

“All you need is love, (your love of yourself, first and foremost).”


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