A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy!

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Positive thoughts, careful planning, and action, are all requirements necessary to managing your diabetes.

We have within our minds, the ability to either help, or hurt ourselves mentally.

A part of our world is based on what we create, or have created, mentally.

This ability can be defined as a “Self Fulfilling Prophecy.”

I am not talking about miracles.

I am talking about the ability to make things happen based on our mental desires, hidden or otherwise.
If your thoughts are negative, you will transform yourself into a negative, depressive, regressive individual.

Your world will always be cold, dark, and empty.
You will push others away as they reach out to help you.

But, on the other hand, if you view yourself, your life, and your surroundings in a positive light, you will become a warm, positive, problem-solving individual.

Many things in life, good, or bad, can affect our thoughts.
The solution to a problem will always sound easier than it actually is, but the corrective procedure begins with action!

Trying to do something to solve a problem, is always better than doing nothing, the first step that is necessary may require a mental, and emotional adjustment of one’s self.

You must believe in yourself, and then you must try, regardless of the outcome, you must repeat these two steps, doing so should help you to build up confidence in yourself.

Think about it!


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Eversinging1 2010-12-02 21:14:38 -0600 Report

My motto has been "It all begins with a thought." I think we're on the same page! Thanks for the positive reminder! I really needed it tonight!

Lisa07 2010-12-02 14:42:26 -0600 Report

Thank you so much well said, im glad i join this site. you are the best. have a good day bye now:-)

MAYS 2010-12-02 14:56:35 -0600 Report

Thank you!
I, too, am glad that you have joined this site, "Welcome to the Family!"

realsis77 2010-12-02 11:18:17 -0600 Report

So true! Words of wisdom mays! I'm a fairly new diabetic as you know and I went from pills to daily shots very fast. I ve learned to keep a happy positive attitude from this site and most important I've learned to educate my self. Education is the key! Its really brought me a since of inner peace about everything.if we stay down in the dumps our life will be down in the dumps! We must stay positive! Great post mays!

BandonBob 2010-12-02 10:46:26 -0600 Report

Your words are so very true. Thank you for reminding me of the things I do to try to handle all the medicine and all of the things that go with diabetes.