Christmas Cookie Insanity

Graylin Bee
By Graylin Bee Latest Reply 2010-12-02 06:35:40 -0600
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Blissfully ignorant of pending carb disaster I went last night to the weekly Tuesday Girls' Night Out at Mom's. Emails had been flying before Thanksgiving about the family's annual cookie baking. I had been anticipating joining in this year. I had lived too far away to participate for several decades.
While I was making cinnamon rolls, an uneasy feeling came over me. Chocolate Fountain Sister was explaining to one of her daughters what she needed to bring on baking day; 9 containers each holding 24 Dulce DeLeche Blonde Brownies and 9 containers each full of Puppy Chow. Then she asked Cream Puff Sister which two types of cookies on the list did she want to make and fill her 18 containers with.
The Cake Lady interrupted exclaiming she would bring her 9 containers of Caramel Corn and 9 containers with 24 Coconut Cranberry Bars in each.
Panic started settling in. How many containers! how many cooks? Plus how many cookies from the actual family baking day?
I snuck a peek at the list, 9 people. I was #7. What are they thinking. I do not need 24 cookies, let alone 18 containers full of 24 cookies, or other carby treats. Oh and also another 4 containers from the four items we will be baking on baking day.
Chocolate Fountain Sister asked me which cookies will I make. Thinking quickly I replied our Grandmother’s favorite, the Hershey Bar cookie . Then paused and offered to make my own specialty which was not on the list, my Molasses Sugar Cookie. This was quickly agreed to and added to the list. They were happy.
I suggested everybody only needed 8 containers of each item, as I would only need a few cookies for my husband rather than the 300 plus cookies and 3 containers of non cookie carbs. As we don’t know many people in town to share cookies with other than my family.
The Cake Lady shook her head no and pronounced, “You can never have too many cookies.”
Others insisted husband could take them to his new job, which starts in another two weeks. They even added “Maybe you will be employed by then and can share there“. “Or you can pass them out to the people in the extended stay motel building you're at.”
I desperately explained we only know the guy on dialysis and the guy who smokes by the front door. I really don’t think they need 300 plus cookies.
Today’s email has instructions for 8 containers of each item.

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GabbyPA 2010-12-02 06:35:40 -0600 Report

The saga continues! I would never survive your family. LOL Oh my. I do the cookie baking thing and I do enjoy it, but that is quite a lot of cookies!! I just did 4 batches for Thanksgiving and to give away to my guests. We ate our fair share, but the rest are going into a bake sale this weekend a long with some pumpkin ginger bread and banana bread. This is my happy way of getting my cake and not eating it too! LOL. Maybe you can stand next to the bell ringer on the corner and offer a cookie to anyone who drops a bit into his bucket?

Pynetree 2010-12-01 20:29:18 -0600 Report

Aaah , I remember those Christmas baking marathons and cookie exchanges! Been awhile since I've baked those hundreds of cookies… Kind of miss them this time of year.

Harlen 2010-12-01 20:17:34 -0600 Report

LOL Ben there lol
I dont make cookeis much any more I cant eat them so I keep away lol
Good luck your going to need it lol
Best wishes