Finding help w/o insurance and unemployed

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the community and have to say that it is very informative, and helpful. I have a question that some people may be able to have some insight on. I've been unemployed for a year now, unemployment had run out about 5 months ago. I had to end up selling my house, and moving into my brothers old house about 2 hours north of where I was living. Luckily he's been helping me out a lot in my current situation and doesn't charge me hardly anything to stay here, my biggest concern is finding some help for my diabetes. I'm type 1, and have a insulin dependency that is really putting a strain on my attempts to save money through odd jobs to try to get a small base to restart my life again. My doctor, (who isn't a endocrinologist do to the costly visits,) has been helping me out with insulin as much as he can. But really, some days i go several days without insulin to balance it out to see him next. Its a real strain of having high sugar for this time, and the ups and downs are really effecting my attempts in trying to seek employment. The biggest problem I'm having is that the county in the state i live in, does not offer any knowledge or help for diabetics, if i lives two counties north or south, i can get everything for free. But this one, nothing. I'm basically trying to see if anyone has been in, or has experienced this same predicament, or if they have any advice for possible online help programs that i may have missed? Most of the ones that i saw worked with your health care provider to assist you on insulin, but I've been denied due to this county not associating any of its hospitals with this type of assistance. Was also denied for medicare as well, so its very hard not knowing if this disease will take me due to the stress of not knowing if I'll run out of insulin. If you could please help, would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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haoleboy 2014-03-23 17:17:33 -0500 Report

the Affordable Care Act provides insurance for those with little or no income, each state handles it differently, but help is definitely available.


ReneeS01 2010-11-30 18:57:26 -0600 Report

You might want to try to find your local free clinic, I am in your same situation, no job residing with my brother diabetes got outta hand, found the local free clinic, now getting supplies and medicine free or for four dollars.

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