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Dear All,

I am Aisha, a industrial and product design student from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University school of design. I am currently doing research on Diabetes and will really really appreciate any help. I choose this topic, as my grandfather was a diabetic. I was quite young at that time, and was very curious about what's goes on my grandfather's mind, as he cannot enjoy all the food as us. And he would bribe us to secretly get him sweet stuff, mangoes was his fav, etc. I wish could have help him. My grandmother still feel guilty as she thinks she didnt' took good care of his food intake.

Coming back to my topic, for my research start, I need to understand a diabetic person daily life. The aim of this research is to design some products that will make the diabetic friends life easier.

1. It will be very much appreciate to tell me how your daily life begins and what goes on. Briefly will be fine.

2. I will like to know what difficulties you face? such as
in the beginning when you were diagnosed, what difficulties were then?
did family member find it difficult to adjust? did you find it difficult to adjust as your family member were diagnosed? such as emotionally, in terms of food, etc?

3. what are the difficulties you face with the products you use? such as pumps, blood testing monitor? etc…

4. is there any difficulties in medication process? eating? keeping, carrying?

5. Any other challenges, difficulties you may encounter as you are dignosed? or your children? family member is diagnosed? do driving or travelling becomes a challenge for examples? anything from you will be much much appreciated.

Pls leave me your reply here, or you may contact me through emails stated below.

aishazaman1@gmail.com small
bg_aishaz@yahoo.com small

Best regards,
IPD Student

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Lisa07 2010-11-29 14:58:57 -0600 Report

Hi Aisha! im on oral meds and i took twice daily. i woke up very early to start my day testing my fasting BS. i aways eat the same beakfast everyday and then do yoga for half hr. I work from home thank god so is easy for me to prepared my meals. I watch what im eating is hard sometime. My lifesyle change totally after my diagnosed with diabetes. I test my blood sugar 2x a day. The hardest part for me is to loose weight. my doctor said if i loose at lease 20 pounds she will take my meds away. I wish is easy trust me is not. She said can be done if im serious about it. im still trying very hard everyday to exercise. it is hard because i have a broken knee from old injury. well thats all for right now… i have to go back to work. Have a good one:-)

AishaZ 2010-11-29 22:03:41 -0600 Report

I am sorry to hear about your knee Lisa. But I am very sure you will be able to achieve your target.. Take good care and carry on. Thank you Lisa for your kind contribution.

realsis77 2010-11-29 11:20:01 -0600 Report

Hi. I get up in the morning and teat my blood sugar. I prepare my first shot I take my first shot.(if I'm going anywhere for the day I need to pack my diabetic bag) the bag includes: meter, test strips, finger pricker, empty syringes, insulin, alchol swabs, needle clipper , travel sharps container. I eat breakfast test my blood.go about my day luch test my blood give second insulin injection with different insulin this insulin is for food the morning insulin is a 24 hour insulin and is different and won't cover food so I use my second insulin. Then go abot my day and test then eat dinner take my third insulin shot, test again. And that's a typical day.I hope this helps you.the difficulity I had at first was the shots, but I've gotton used to them now.

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