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Good morning everyone, I'm a new member. I already have read some articles that are very informative. I can see from some of the discussion threads I've read, there are some very caring people in this group. I have been a type 2 diabetic for several years. My levels had gottten over 400. I have been taking medications that has pretty much contolled my diabetes.

My biggest issue is my weight (400+). I also have been under some stress that has effected my sleep. The stress issue is getting better, but I still feel stressful sometimes which still effect my sleep. I am under medication for this condition. But I must say, prayer has brought me a mighty long way with this condtion. As for my weight, I have been eating better and walking and have lost 13 pounds. My goal is to get healthy enough to get rid of all my diseases (diabetes, high blood, cholesterol) I am very grateful for joining this club. I can use the insightfulness.

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Dan40 2010-12-05 19:44:13 -0600 Report

welcome to you. Take all the positive advice and use it to your advantage. It is a struggle but you can do it! I have struggled with this for about 6 yrs now and find it easier talking and reading about others who share the same situation as i do.

MAYS 2010-12-02 17:57:24 -0600 Report

Welcome to the family!
Don't ever let the negative thoughts set in, you can do this!
It's not going to be easy, and sometimes it may seem like it will be,
just remain realistic, focused, and take it one day at a time, in the end, you will see your progress!


ELDER GREEN 2010-12-01 08:56:03 -0600 Report

Thank you. I'm definitely encouraged to keep going.

big glen 63
big glen 63 2010-12-02 17:16:00 -0600 Report

hi all. i am new also. my bs runs in the 400's . am i in danger?

jayabee52 2010-12-02 17:31:12 -0600 Report

Howdy Glen.
Have you been diagnosed with diabetes ("DM")?

If I were you, Glen, I would get to your Dr ASAP. Running that high for a long time could leave you vunerable for serious and painful complications.

If you have been Dx'd with DM and what he's telling you to do isn't bringing your BG#s down (of course you have to follow his instructions), you might want to see a different Dr.

Blessings to you and yours


snuggums3030 2010-11-30 21:48:41 -0600 Report

Welcome to DC. You will love this family. I don't know what I would do without them helping me. My daughter was diagnosed last month with type 1 diabetes. I'm still learning about it. Good luck with your weight loss. I know it's hard but you can do it. I have faith in you!!!

RAYT721 2010-11-29 18:23:57 -0600 Report

Seasons Greetings and welcome to Diabetic Connect. I am sure you'll find many people to connect with that share your fears, feelings and frustrations about diabetes but also about life, weight, stress and everything else. This place truly is a place to connect with others who understand and do not judge. We have, are or will go through exactly what you have going on.

I feel this is more than a website, community and family… this is a HOME!!! :) I am hoping to hear more from and about you. Pull up a chair so you can read our stories and tell us your own.

That's what caring and sharing is all about.

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-11-29 15:50:56 -0600 Report

Welcome to our family. Congradulations on your weight loss. Keep taking care of yourself and I know you will one day be healthy. Keep coming back to DC checking each day.
Your Friend

CaliKo 2010-11-29 11:52:28 -0600 Report

Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the lost weight. You are doing the right thing, just keep it up. Good luck!

BandonBob 2010-11-29 10:45:04 -0600 Report

I feel for you. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes 20 years ago I lost 80 pounds and for 15 years was able to control it with diet and exercise. Good luck and we are here to talk to when you need.

ELDER GREEN 2010-11-29 13:29:37 -0600 Report

Thank you so much. i need to talk with people who have been going through the same obstacles I have been facing

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