Holiday Eating

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you know holiday eating can be stressful but this year it didn't bother me. For the first time I didn't get upset because we had a little of everything. We had ham barb. chicken, we had baked chicken, and meatball and turkey of course. We had two pies three cakes, four different veggies. We also had four types if side dishes like mash potatoes.It was so much food to the point i wasn't not hungry, i was tiered. i was up at three in the morning baltimore time.My mom watched me so did my son and husband. My sister bless her heart felt sorry for and spoke in my difence.But i was ok . I didn't let any thing bring me down i got my little plate. I fixed me some baked chicken i had a roll,igot some greens,and i had mash potatoes without gravy. And for desert i had jello. And i still had fun. Seeing all that good food yeah it's tempting, but self control is better.Thinking of being back in the hospital is not cool.Being diabetic is not the end of my life,its the begining of a new life. To everyone who is diabetic you can enjoy the holidays. I can't wait for Christmas just to be with the family again to bad that the only time they come around oh well enjoy them while you can.

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Harlen 2010-11-29 08:45:41 -0600 Report

LOL ben there done that but if I had the potatos I would had to have the gravy
too lol
Grate job Keep up the great work
Best wishes

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