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For those of you who may not be familiar with, you can find some new places to dine in your community and save money in the process. has a giving promotion right now in which you can pass along free $10 gift certificates to your friends every day through the end of the year with a special promotional link, attached below. I have bought and used various certificates from the website with pleasing results. There are stipulations such as having to spend a certain amount (varies with restaurants and tips are built in at 18-20%). You CAN be diabetic and still go out to dine as long as you use sane decision-making when you order.

Here's the Story:'s Feed It Forward™ aims to pay (or in this case, feed) its restaurant gift certificates forward to celebrate the gift of giving this holiday season. Feed It Forward enables people to treat friends, family, colleagues, community - and anyone deserving - to savings on a great meal.

How does Feed It Forward™ work? will empower people to give $10 Gift Certificates to 40 friends every day until December 31st. Overall, will enable you to share $40 million in combined gift certificate value through the length of this initiative, or until the total amount is shared.

To send a gift, the giver provides their name and email address, as well as a valid name and email address for each person they wish to give to—as many as 40 people every single day. Participants can also import their email address books directly on the giving site or log-in Facebook for even easier giving.

We can't give a single gift certificate away unless you help us. The success of Feed It Forward™ depends completely on you. Start Giving and tell us which 40 people you'd like to send to and we do the rest. It's really easy. And come back every day to give 40 more! But, remember you can only give to each person on your list one time throughout the program. Don't forget family, friends, co-workers, that teacher that inspired you, your next-door neighbor, and so on. We hope you join us and celebrate the gift of giving! Start Giving

What is is the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and diners nationwide. More importantly, we're big givers and believe the gift of giving is one of the greatest gifts of all. We launched Feed It Forward™ in 2008 and have since given more than millions of our gift certificates away for free through the program. We hope you join us this year and help us reach our give goal of $40 million! offers savings at more than 15,000 restaurants nationwide and to various online retailers with more than 35,000 gift certificate options available daily. Want to know more about us? Visit

We want to hear from you!
People can share a brief story, a note of endearment or gratitude for why they are giving by emailing small. The site will feature some of these messages of appreciation on the home page. In addition, a giver can send a personal message directly to the participant that will be delivered along with the electronic certificate. People who then receive a free $10 gift certificate will be given the opportunity to join in the giving effort and to Feed It Forward™ as well.

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This is pretty trick! I will have to see what I can do to help out my neighbors. I know a lot of them could use this.