blood sugar spikes

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Started 2010-11-25 09:19:27 -0600

Can moments of anxiety or excitement cause bllod sugar to spike? What to do when spikes occur?

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Grammpa Gib
Grammpa Gib 2010-12-05 10:13:19 -0600 Report

Clearly it does. If you are asking how to lower the spike, I have been told in more than one class to drink water. Think you could confirm that by checking various wedsites.

jdrc2454 2010-11-27 14:07:50 -0600 Report

Yes I agree our emotions and feelings will affect our BS but Thank God for pets I also have 2 female rescue dogs and their unconditional love and attention towards me when they see me cry or get upset is amazing. They bring my BS back to normal or close to it.

Corynthus 2010-11-26 12:33:21 -0600 Report

Yep it sure can.. It does it to me ALL the time.. If I get drepressed , upset , cry , angry. My BS goes up up up. Even if i already took my insulin. Ever since i have been Diagnosed with Diabetis back in 2001 , I have had mood swings and depression prblems. When I am down or in my crying mood , I use my cat as a comfort. WHen upset , mad and so forth? I use my dog for comfort and also to talk to. ( he seems to even sit there and listen to me too ) I dunno why I do this. it is just something I noticed that I do all the time. I would not have noticed that i do this if my mother and I was not talking about our problems and so forth that we both have all the time ( We are both Diabetics ). We share ideas and other things with each other all the time. She hugs a TREE or meditates and looks at the night sky.. I hug my cat and dog and talk to them to sooth myself. Call us crazy or what ever. but it works for us.

Crashnot 2010-11-25 16:34:35 -0600 Report

They sure can! Your body reacts to stressful situations with the fight-or-flight response, and that includes a dose of adrenelin and an order for your liver to dump sugar into your blood for use in running from the sabertooth or fighting with it. Most of us don't face situations like that anymore, but guess it'll take a few more eons for our bodies to evolve a bit!

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-11-25 14:50:19 -0600 Report

Yes stress ,cold, heat, excitement you name it can cause your blood sugar to raise. l take a deep breath and think happy thoughts and maybe your blood sugar may go down.
Your friend

GabbyPA 2010-11-25 10:58:10 -0600 Report

Yep they sure can. Fear, excitement, stress, activity, and so much more. We are wonderfully complex creatures...when you have one, try to do the opposite of what caused it. Fear or excitement, try to calm yourself down. Exercise can help with stress a lot. Drinking water can help also and even some meditation.

Harlen 2010-11-25 10:20:15 -0600 Report

Yes it can .
That depends on what you useing for D
I just ajust the pump to take care of it.
Best wishes