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Hi everyone. I havent been on here in a long time but I guess now I have a reason to be again.
Im 5 months pregnant. As soon as I found out my dad got my prenatals and I went to the doctors and I was doing what I was suppose to do but a couple weeks ago they said my blood sugars were a little high, made me drink some gunk and did another test and told me I had gestational diabetes.

There's no reason for me to have this. Ive done everything right, I eat healthy and I'm not overweight. I don't understand it. I'm young but my doctor said that its usually older woman that get it. Diabetes has been in the family but not gestational.

I have appointments like every week it seems like and I have work and school. I don't understand this diabetes stuff because it seems different than the kind that Kylie had. I don't want to have to take medicines or get too sick with it so I'm excercising at night when I can but I'm barely eating and I go to bed hungry like almost every night. My blood sugars only dropped 2 times but thats better than going high.
I have high blood pressure and my doctor told me that can cause problems with the kidneys and for my baby.

I had to get off my anti-depressants that worked so great for me. I'm doing better than I was last month but its hard and it sucks. It's my fault, I get it, I did this to myself. Im so scared that Im going fail her too.
I'm so afraid Im going to screw up and lose my baby.
Help me, please?

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jayabee52 2010-11-26 01:02:46 -0600 Report

Howdy Katt
I am sorry to learn of your dificulty.
And I want to add my voice to the others who have said you hadn't done anything wrong to get gestational D. ("GD")

The mother of my 3 sons had GD for each of her 3 pregnancies (her first at age 25). According to her OB/GYN she had done nothing wrong medically speaking. Her mother had DM, and we feared (this was years before I was Dx'd with DM) that she might develop DM permanently. Fortunately for her her DM resolved with each childbirth. Her GD got a little more severe with each pregnancy and we stopped trying to have children with our 3rd try (we wanted to have a girl). She watched her diet and she had healthy outcomes for both her and each child. So the fault for having GD is not because of something you did or didn't do.

And, at least so far all of my sons are healthy and don't have DM.

I also hear your fear that you will fail your child as you failed your sister. From my perspective you did all you were able to do to make your little sister's life as healthy and good as possible. But sometimes, somethings just happen and we can do nothing about them or could have done nothing about them even if we could have seen them coming.

I don't know if you might have remembered me writing about my bride "Jem". I think you may not know that Jem passed from this life this past July (2010). The reason I mention this is that she passed away quietly in the daybed in our TV room. She had been very tired out by her trip to the Dr that day, so I decided to just let her sleep on the daybed rather than getting her up to go to bed. I tore myself up mentally for a while after that because I felt that had I tried to wake her to move her to bed I would have noticed something wrong, and called the ambulance.

I am guessing you are having the same kind of struggle within yourself over a similar issue. I don't think that you were in ANY WAY at fault with your sister's passing away.

Please listen to Gabby's advice about nutrition.

I pray that your pregnancy will be for you the miraculous, wonderous event that it really is.

I am praying God's blessings for you and your child


KitKatt93 2010-11-27 21:23:23 -0600 Report

Hi James. I am very sorry to hear about your wife. You're guilty feelings sounds like mine. Truthfully I don't remember much of that day. We were eating outside, than she's at the hospital, than my dad came and told me to leave…and thats it. But I have the nightmares. Geez, I am so sorry about your wife. How are you doing with that?
You helped make me feel better in a way. Maybe we should talk. We have a little bit in common, even though it sucks.
Take good care of yourself, okay?

jayabee52 2010-11-28 00:25:21 -0600 Report

I hope I helped you feel better about yourself. That's why I brought my experience up here. I had already processed my loss and while I don't like the loss, I am OK with it.

Please email me on the DC system and we'll talk should you want.

I am taking care of myself. I just got out of 4 days in hospital with a bleeding ulcer, but that's a whole other story.

Please take care of yourself and your little one.


GabbyPA 2010-11-25 05:36:36 -0600 Report

Oh my dear friend, my heart is out there for you. NO, it's not your fault that you have gestational diabetes. This is part of your genetic make up, just as it was your sister's. First of all, just breathe deep and calm down the worry in your heart. You will do fine, you have had incredible first hand did not fail, and it is not your fault.

First of all, don't go to bed hungry. Your baby needs to grow and if you are not eating, then either is your baby. We don't want you to go too low or too high, but don't deprive the baby of life giving nutrients. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients and maybe a meeting with the dietitian would be good to make sure you are taking care of both of you.

You learned a lot with your very special time with Kaylie. Now you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your new bundle of joy. The diabetes is in your body and not your baby's so recall that. You are a remarkable young lady and your baby is very lucky to have you as a mom. This is a joyful time in your life, don't let fear steal that away from you.

My love and hugs to you dear child. You are very special.

KitKatt93 2010-11-25 08:38:29 -0600 Report

Thankyou Gabby. What you said made me feel better. I hope it's not my fault and I hope that I don't fail like I did before.
I eat healthy but I knowI need to eat more. They didn't send me to see a dietitian but maybe that would make me feel better about eating more. I gained about 10lbs and it's all in the stomach and she is growing, that makes me feel more confident.
You said the diabetes is not in my baby but what if it happens and she gets it? I love this baby and I'm trying not to let fear ruin the whole experience but it's there. I can't go through with what happened to Kylie again. I keep seeing the words still born all over and than flashes of Kylie laying there pops in my head. Maybe all the worry is making my blood pressure go up.

Thankyou for your kind words. I really needed to hear all of that, it makes me feel alot better.
Thanks again Gabby.


Jeannie Holmes
Jeannie Holmes 2010-11-26 17:40:24 -0600 Report

Try to remember that God doesn't give us more then we can bare. It just seems like it sometimes! I so glad to see you here we all miss you and love you! HUGS

Jeannie Holmes
Jeannie Holmes 2010-11-28 16:25:33 -0600 Report

I hear you girl! Sometimes it feel too hard. But I have learned that if you just hang in there it will get better. I lost both of my parents within 22 days of each other. I can't hardly remember that whole year. But the longer it's been the easier it is. HUGS!

GabbyPA 2010-11-25 10:50:06 -0600 Report

Diabetes is not anyone's fault. There are things we can do to make it happen sooner, but it is not a blame thing at all. So don't feel that way.

I know you have so many fresh memories that can be haunting. But try to focus on the wonderful things you shared with Kyllie. You did not fail her. You need to realize that. You were there for her and helped her live much longer than she would have without you. Remember that. You made a HUGE difference in her life.

If your baby ends up with diabetes then you will be the most prepared mom ever. You have already learned a lot about it with Kylie and so you have a head start on things. My prayer will be that will not be the case and you will have a healthy baby that you can share all those years with. Don't let your mind make you crazy. Think of the happy times, her laugh, that smile....let those be the things you focus on. It won't happen all the time, but let those good thoughts overpower the bad ones.

Something I do is just a simple breathing exercise with some visualization. I breathe in deep and draw in good thoughts. Then as I exhale, I let bad thoughts go out. Fill with good, empty the bad. Deep long breaths. It helps me in stressful moments. I do believe the mind can do some incredible let your mind do positive things instead of negative ones.

MAYS 2010-11-25 04:16:59 -0600 Report


There is a reason, but the fault is not your own.
It may be in your genes!

My point to you is this, take care of yourself to the best of your ability.
By doing so, you will ensure yourself a healthy, happy pregnancy, and childbirth.

Take your time, learn what you can, and let your doctors advice, knowledge and instructions guide you thru this.
You are the life source for your child, your health is essential to the health of your child.

I know that you will be an excellent, loving, and caring mother.

If I can ever be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.
(Don't ever become a stranger)


KitKatt93 2010-11-25 08:16:32 -0600 Report

Hi Mays. THankyou, I hope you are right and I will be an excellent mother. I won't hesitate to ask you or become a stranger.

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-11-24 23:32:57 -0600 Report

Hi! Katt,
It is not your fault that you are having gestational diabetis. It happens to many women and it is not their fault. Please eat enough food to feed your baby. Starving yourself is bad for the baby and yourself. Follow the doctors advice and you and your baby will be ok when it time for his or her birth. Are you takeing bood pressure medication? Katt you did not fail your baby sister. You were a wonderful big sister. I will pray for you that you will not lose your baby. Someone here at DC will have had gestional diabetis and will give better information than myself. I didn't have it but my daughter had it with her last two babys. Just take a deep breath, and follow what your doctors say to do. Were glad to hear from you again.
You're friend

KitKatt93 2010-11-25 08:14:18 -0600 Report

HI JoAnna. I am eating during the day for the baby but it's hard to. Like I get scared everytime I eat. I see a specialist and she gave me pamphlets with information but that scared me even more. I'm not taking medication because it's not too high but she said that because I was diagnosed with the diabetes and high blood pressure that I should be bed rest, but I can't do that with school and when I work.
I hope there is someone here who has it or has had it that can help. The doctor said I am at risk for complications, but the worse she siad was still born. That's what scares me.
Thankyou. I pray that I didn't fail Kylie and it wasn't all my fault. This responsibility for another life is terrifying to have.

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