Hi friends Iam a newbie to this site and been diabetic for 30 yrs.

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Hi all ..My name is Malissia and I have been diabetic for 30 yrs. I just joined this site perhaps a week ago. I was reading about some postings on pumps and some issues you wish you could have known would happen when you started investing in the pump. Currently I am on a pump and taking lantus injections twice a day and although my sugars have never been better I am super discouraged. I moved from a state down south to a northern state theday our landline was installed I setup an appointment with a endocrinologist. It took three months to get into because a partner in the practice died and they were backed up. I went to her and had basically been without a doctor for three months. I contacted my new pump support person when I got here and I was not really under the impression she thought it mattered..I went to my new endocrinologist and my new endo says she wants me off of the pump I am on. I just got it in feburary and in january I will have new insurance as my current insurance company says after we checked into cost of new pump they will only buy one pump per lifetime. Its rather frustrating and I called my pump support person and now shes trying to help me. Has anyone been through this? Have any insight? I am married and we have three childeren and I really am struggling with the finances of all this..So any insight is appreciated..Thanks

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Harlen 2010-11-22 11:09:43 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
If I may ask why are you on lantus I to am on the pump and at night the pump still gives you insulin or dose your pump not do that ???
You must have had a good team down south but your right up north they dont seam to be as hands on.
Best wishes

Cheryl5026 2010-11-22 07:29:58 -0600 Report

Call your insurance company and tell them you want a case manager to help you deal with all of this. I did it and it made my life easier. The case manager even called the Dr.'s office. Ask the doctor what is the problem with the pump. Alot of times the docs have contracts with certain companies and that is why they make you change. Confront her on the pump issue. You take control of your diabetes and demand what you want. go to the website- TCOYD

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