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I recently borrowed the newest Diabetic Living Magazine Cookbook, "Quick & Easy Meals" that was just published from my local library. In all honesty there are only six recipes that I am bothering to copy and probably will make. I love the fact that many of the recipes are reasonable with the nutritional information for my diet and the time involved is a plus. I am just not overly impressed by the recipes fitting in with my tastebuds. You may have different likes and dislikes.

I did read the chart at the beginning of the cookbook in an article titled, "What to Know About Counting Carbs" that, based on a type 2 diabetic eating three meals per day that:

a woman who wants to maintain weight has a recommended carb range per meal of 45-60 grams; who wants to lose weight of 30-55 grams per meal; and that an active woman can be in a range of 56-75 grams.

for men, a guy wanting to maintain weight should be 60-75 grams per meal; 50-65 per meal with an objective to lose weight; and 65-90 grams for an active man.

In my opinion these ranges seem high but it is important to realize that your body and your meter is what should determine the range best for you and your lifestyle.

NOTE: I am not always 100% supportive of "charts" because according to the ideal weight and BMI chart I should probably look like a Q-tip … a bald one.

The chart pretty much explained why the recipes within the cookbook are within recommendation of carb values however in some cases what they say is a serving size would probably not fit into my description of an appetizer. The seven (7) gram of carbs in the quick and easy omelet on page 16 may sound good but the serving size is 1/4 of an omelet. Unless this omelet is the size of my car, I doubt that a quarter of an 10" omelet is going to satisfy me. Why not let me eat the whole omelet and bill me the 2 grams of carbs. At least I won't be falling over when I get up from the table.

While the sesame-ginger turkey wraps on page 161 sound good, the recipe serves 12. Excuse me … can you please bring ten of your friends for lunch after Thanksgiving? It is only 5 ingredients to the recipe so that's a good thing.

I don't mean to be negative about the cookbook (and I love Diabetic Living Magazine), but I fail to see how the recipes fit with my tastebuds or lifestyle.

I am relieved that I am I can have 50 or so grams per meal and still lose weight because when I add carb counts in various recipes (and ingredient labels) I am feeling as though I won't have enough energy to even make a 15 minute meal.

The moral of the cookbook is that you'd better count on me to eat several suggested serving sizes per recipe if you expect me to have the energy help with the dishes… or to stand up.

What's YOUR number???

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GabbyPA 2011-02-27 06:27:21 -0600 Report

I just found this post. It must have gotten buried before I got to it. LOL on the book and the carbs. It is good to have really low carb recipes because then you can round out your meal with other things. The hardest part about combined foods is that the carbs sneak up on you....usually very fast. So while it might seem low, at least you can add easier than you can take them away.

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