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Hello all:

I just need some advice or ideas. It's that time of year again…Yes, the holidays. The family, friends and food. And going to work is just a food jungle. They will be sending cakes, cookies, and candy and pies. I try to stay away from it all. I just get so stressed out. And I don't want to blow all my hard work and great bS reading. But, I know I fall right into some oreo delight. lol.

It's hard to go around all the food and not eat something or over eat. My family and friends get really offended if you don't eat. Even though they know I am a diabetic. They think it's ok to eat anything and every thing you want. I try to take a little, but they always push to-go plates on you. I love seeing them, ( most of them) but not all the food and sweets. I know, I have to have will power, but at times it's hard to have.

I need any and all tips to get me through this wonderful, food filled season… (Smile) I know drinking water and eating a bit before I go any place will help.

Let me know how you all handle the holidays with the parties, and dinners???

Thanks so much, Mscakes..

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jayabee52 2010-11-16 21:24:35 -0600 Report

Howdy MsCakes

Here's something a member "Graylin Bee" wrote in a previous Thanksbiving post posted yesterday: (Thanks Graylin & Kudos to you): (edited by me to improve readability)

"Graylin Bee Yesterday at 10:30 am
Hey all you guys already posted my tips. Of course I learned most of them from DC posts this year when it was my first Easter with Diabetes. These tips have helped me survive and even enjoy family get togethers.

1: Eat something that is good for you before you go to the event.

2: Bring your meds and/or insulin. .

3: Bring emergency food rations. For me usually nuts. There almost always is a good carb choice hanging around but sometimes protein is scarce.

4: Eat a little of what is the most tempting and resonable amonts of the healthy and safe foods. Remember this well known scientificly proven fact. The very first bite of food tastes the best. Savor that first bite to it's utmost. If I try to ignore the tempting less carb friendly item I'll cave in later and overindulge.

5: Enjoy the people there.

6: Be creative. I often volunteer to bring a dessert. That way I get the fun of making something that tastes good, is more carb friendly, and I don't have to eat all of it myself. I come from a long line of dessert makers, so sometimes I don'tneed to make one. Even the often present chocolate fountain has proven beneficial. There's always apples and strawberries for dunking. I just eat mine au natural.

7: Have one of your favorite healthy snacks waiting for you when you get home. A special treat waiting for me that I really love can keep me away from things that I only like.

8: If I mess up, there's always the next event to do better at.
——end quote——

As far as the family dynamics involved, it might help to take just one bite,
savor it, for a while and rave about it (if that's how you feel) and then say{
"If I eat any more my blood sugars will go through the roof and that's deadly dangerous to me. As good as this is I must forgo eating any more for the sake of my health. I'm sure you'll understand."

I pray that they won't give you grief about it.



alanbossman 2010-11-16 20:34:06 -0600 Report

I agree with Harlen sometimes you just have to be blunt hurt feelings or not. They just need to understand that eating those items are not good for you at all. You could ask them would they give a person who is dying from lung cancer a cigarette. hope they understand soon.

Harlen 2010-11-16 20:15:12 -0600 Report

What I did was when they pushed and pushed I sead in a loud voice What are you doing? trying to kill me !!!!! I cant have it IT will kill me So yes one more bight mite kill me .
It worked for me lol They dont push any more lol
Best wishes

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