Son, 10, newly diagnoses; hard time gaining weight

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my son was diagnosed this year in April. 4 units lantus at night, insulin as needed during day with meals (most of time burns it off exercising.) doc wants him to gain weight, but having a hard time. been eating good meals with mild to moderate carbs balanced with veggies and protein. he grew a couple inches and actually lost 5 pounds. he is 65 pounds and used to be 70. he is just under 5 foot tall. any suggestions?

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mrsladiebug2 2010-11-16 17:35:37 -0600 Report

my son was also dx with it at 10 years in 2009 he had spirts of losing but he got taller. i am also a type 1 since i was 9 yrs

John Crowley
John Crowley 2010-11-16 15:54:36 -0600 Report

You've received some good advice here. I would say the most important thing to understand is why is he losing weight? Is he a picky eater or does he just not eat enough?

If he's eating enough, then I think your doctor really needs to be looking for reasons why he would be losing weight.

What is his blood sugar control like? Is his A1c where his doc wants it?

jayabee52 2010-11-15 18:24:53 -0600 Report

I noticed something when my 3 sons were growing up (they're 28, 26 & 21 now) They each as their bodies were getting ready for a growth spurt would put on some fat. Their mom & I were a little concerned when we first noticed that. But then they would grow a bit and then after the growth spurt they would be leaner (none of us were ever very skinny). We didn't weigh them all that much at the time, so I can't tell if their weights went up and down with the growth spurt, but they did look "rolly-poly" for a bit before the growth. Perhaps something like that is going on with your son?

I'm not saying you don't need to pay attention to that, but It might just be "normal" for him.

OTOH — None of my sons had DM while growing up either.

Crashnot 2010-11-15 17:19:34 -0600 Report

How old is your son?

GabbyPA 2010-11-15 18:23:05 -0600 Report

It says in the title he is 10. At least that is what I presume that is.

Crashnot 2010-11-16 06:40:50 -0600 Report

Oops, guess I should read the subject line! So he's going to be in a pretty high-growth stage of life. Could be he's in the "string-bean" category? I'd just give him plenty of healthy options at meals with low-fat meats, fresh veggies and complex carbs. His body will tell him what he needs to be filling it with, they're funny that way!

Harlen 2010-11-15 10:24:12 -0600 Report

Check out the pump it works much better then the shots
You can go to and do the school thats free and that will give you a good idea of how it works and just how good for your son.
Best wishes

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