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I need to know can I start (back) taking insulin, after stopping for around two months. Can someone help me please? Thank you.

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kdroberts 2010-11-15 08:37:40 -0600 Report

There is no medical reason why you can't take insulin again after stopping. However, tell your doctor you are going to and wait for the OK. Insulin can be very dangerous if not used correctly so it's better to get input from your doctor first rather than just start taking it again and getting into trouble.

sjcuteangel 2010-11-15 08:32:05 -0600 Report

The way to start getting back on track is to monitor your BG with taking your blood testing kit seriously. Learn what the number mean and when your in trouble and controling those numbers with shots of insulin. I know pricking your fingers and taking needles is not a good time but its the only way to control the disease that I know of and if you do this don't be afraid to start the shots back up.

BiGxNiCk 2010-11-15 01:26:54 -0600 Report

Well, I really just stop taking the shots. I take pills to for it. I have seen my Dr. and he takes mt hem.a1c or somin like that. And it's like he doesn't know. You know, I really wanna tell'm but I know he will let me have it. Last visit my numbers wasn't good, but they was the around the same as they was the month before. Because I've done nothing diff. just eating w.e and only taking the pills. I did tell him I have missed a few shots, like when I would sleep late and other reasons, but I then told him I will start taking them like i am supposed to 5 times a day. Then I thought I seen somewhere where it had said Do NOT start taking shots after you have stop taking them w.o asking the doctor. So I am a bit scared to start taken the 5 shots a day again. That's kinda why I joined this site, looking for answers and also maybe I could help someone with a question that I know the answer to.

GabbyPA 2010-11-15 09:19:52 -0600 Report

I know it can get dicey, but if you are not honest with your doctor, he really can't help you. You have to tell him the truth about what you have or have not been doing. And you should never be afraid to tell him what is on your mind. He works for are in the driver's seat, take charge. Sometimes it is intimidating, I know it was for me. I used to take my hubby with me in the beginning, he gave me the strength to say what I needed. Now I get along with my doctor and we have open communication. That is what you need most.

jayabee52 2010-11-15 02:20:03 -0600 Report

If I understand you correctly, you stopped the insulin shots, then your Dr put you on an oral medication to bring down your blood glucose numbers ("BG#s")? S/He seems to be doing OK as a Dr since he has taken your hemoglobin A1c test ("HbA1c" or shortened to "A1c"), and wants to see what your average level of BG was for the past 3 mos.

But really, Nick, from what I can tell from your answer (please correct me if I'm mistaken) you haven't come clean with Dr about being completely off insulin for these past 2 mos. The way it sounds to me you've told Dr that you've missed one or two injections from time to time (again correct me if I'm mistaken here).

Going from that understanding your A1c will not be all that wonderful especially if you're not being careful about what you're eating (i am guessing your "w.e" stands for whatever).

Sounds a little to me that you are in denial. (I'm not talking about a river in Egypt) I was in denial too when first diagnosed ("Dx'd") with DM. I ignored my DM hoping it would go away. I was foolish because I developed several painful and embarrassing complications. Some almost killed me. I could share with you some of what I suffer because of my denial, and will do so if you want. At this point it may be enough to say that it would be good for you if you begin to control your DM before it begins to control you.

To get in control of your DM, one of the things you must do is see your Dr as a team member in your DM control effort. That means that you need to be honest with Dr about what you have done. And follow Dr's instructions!

Then change the way you "play" with your DM. Change your eating pattern from "whatever" to healthy choices. Now it doesn't happen overnight. As one of the regular posters here "Ray" says: "Take baby steps" to changing your eating, but learn about what is healthy for a person with Diabetes ("PWD") and then slowly adjust your eating to conform to that. That way you can eventually get your BG#s down closer to "normal" and your A1c also.

You can live a full, healthy life with a minimum of complications if you control your DM before it controls you.

Blessings to you Nick

PS: It's after midnight here and I must get to bed. We'll talk later if you wish.

jayabee52 2010-11-15 01:09:25 -0600 Report

Howdy & WELCOME to DC Big Nick!

Really Nick, that's not a question which any of us here could answer. That decision really needs to be made in consultation with your Dr. MOST of us here are informed laypeople. Very few MDs (if any) are resident here.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you stop your insulin? And why have you been off it 2 mos? And how were you controlling your diabetes ("DM")?

From the writeup on your profile we have some areas of commonality. I too am heavier than I should be, and I love food too (many people on DC share that trait). And I would be interested in you sharing your story.

Blessings to you and yours