Erectal Disfunction

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What is the best way to enjoy sex, without feeling guilty about not being able to have intercourse…And whats the fuss over so many different type of pills for it…which ones have any of you tried…thanks for your help…over 55-plus…don't really need that much sex anyhow…lol

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GabbyPA 2010-11-13 19:55:43 -0600 Report

My hubby is in a wheelchair and because he has no pituitary gland, his testosterone is injected. So while he is often able, it is not always quite so practical. So from the woman's point of view, there is so much more than just intercourse. Ray hit it on the head (oh, did I say that?) in that there is so much more to being intimate. I love the kissing part personally and without getting into more than I should, just being with him and close is a great part of our relationship.

Now when we were younger, he did try Viagra (they were handing out free samples...good grief) It worked well, but that 4 hour warning is do be careful. At first it was fun, then it got funny and then it was down right creepy. He never used it again after that.

RAYT721 2010-11-13 15:09:37 -0600 Report

It is rare when I am at a loss for words and even more rare when I blush but for those reading this who are more prone to being embarrassed by my reply, I shall tone it down.

As for medication I have no experience because I have not been faced with the ED symptoms which you are speaking about. However, as an avid reader, let me assure you that you are not alone. This topic of discussion has been raised here in the archives as well as on other diabetic (and non diabetic) websites around the globe. Your condition is fairly common, as common as the many medications out there to cure (or should I say manage) the condition.

There are alternatives to love making without the real need for intercourse and if you focus on the word love in lovemaking, you'll find what works for you and what may give the answers you're seeking. Sometimes focusing on a certain expectation can take away the joy and pleasure that you are actually setting out to accomplish. In other words, focus on your partner's pleasure and you'll find your own.

Take a walk on the wild side. As stated previously there are other methods for stimulation than simply intercourse. Make intimacy a part of your time together and you'll find that cuddling and kissing can reduce the anxiety and increase the pleasure of and with that person you're involved with.

I don't know that I would let my sex life depend on a pill as long as I am with a loving and understanding partner. Neither ED nor diabetes are conditions that you have asked for. Sometimes they go hand in hand and sometimes they are unassociated.

The doctor might be your best medical adviser on the medicinal side of your question but your heart and your partner are the best sources for answers to the emotional side.

Harlen 2010-11-13 12:44:27 -0600 Report

Look up it make help you
I just cant think what life would be like without my daily loven .
I need it and always will lol
Best wishes

MAYS 2010-11-13 09:45:16 -0600 Report

Here is a suggestion; use your imagination!
You have other "bodily tools" at your disposal, get busy!
What one part of your body starts, the others will soon follow, and participate in. (No disrespect)


Guardianstone 2010-11-13 10:20:23 -0600 Report

that may help my husband. He is not happy with the cardiac meds stopped his desire.

MAYS 2010-11-13 11:07:46 -0600 Report

Sexual desire is in the mind, sometimes the mind needs to be stimulated into action, animals have sex, humans make love.

(unless it's sex that one actually craves)

Love making used to be a cherished art, until "machoism" not "women's lib"
forced change into the game, (or rather art) of love.
A good old fashioned "love story" movie just may do the trick.
I don't think that they will let me go into intimate, arousing details here!


Guardianstone 2010-11-13 15:01:33 -0600 Report

I agree. His heart meds started the trouble, but pain meds have made it worse.
Thank you
It is an imbarasing question that must be answered.

MAYS 2010-11-13 15:19:25 -0600 Report

Learning about something, or coming to a conclusion should never be embarrassing.
As much as a man would like to be in control, it's a woman who teaches a man how to make love to her!
(Do your thing!)


Guardianstone 2010-11-13 17:55:55 -0600 Report

For those male/female who have been raped, sometimes it is the man who will teach the woman that it is safe to be touched.
Thanks guys. little sis needed her big brothers to protect her.
love is special from family.
Guardian stone