Why don't I be taken serious

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I have pain in my knees and ankles with every step. I can't seem to work standing and they require 7 and half hours standing or don't work. What's with that. With doctors reports and light duty papers they still ask you to stand.

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RAYT721 2010-11-13 08:38:19 -0600 Report

Unfortunately I can't really offer an answer but perhaps a trip to your company's HR department or labor board can. I do not encourage people to just go reporting things on a whim but if you try to climb the chain of command to get answers and allowances you may be able resolve problems before they start. You may wish to look into a counselor or social worker (or employee assistance program if available) to have a spokesperson on your behalf. My wife went through absolute misery with her employer and with the US Government disability department for years before she was official disabled. It's not an easy fight because unless you have no arms or legs unseen illnesses are simply ignored. One of my wife's biggest pet peeves is being told, "well, you don't LOOK disabled." Hang in there with your self-respect, turn to us for support, but mainly climb up the ladder to get what you want and need in life and from life.

Guardianstone 2010-11-13 09:26:15 -0600 Report

RayT and Scott;
That is so true. It is difficult to have respect for yourself. But even harder to stand up for your rights. Socal security should help with disability. If your employer tells you that you can't work, or you have to take a pay cut, contact the American's with Disabilities Association. You do have rights. They can fight for your rights.
Thank you Ray. Everyone needs a champion. And you are the choosen one.
Sorry Buffy - the movie is on.
Scott don't let anyone forget you have a right, and now a need to be treated as a man (or woman)
Demand it, and remind them that you 'WON'T' relinquilish your right to say 'No, I am in charge and I love me.' You deserve it.
I did it this week. It is cathardic. Try it.
I feel like I have a narcotic buzz, because I respect myself. (I don't do them, and won't do them)
Let us know you are alright. Dont pick a fight, choose your battles, and tell people you have choosen wisely. I saw Indiannia Jones. (No matter where these thoughts are from they are true.) If all else fails, Sic 'GOD' on them.
Gods blessings.
Guardian stone
'I have chosen wisely.'

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