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After being diagnosed with type 2 and after attending class I have facilitated from my goal. Today I have made up my mind to meet my goals no matter what.
We all need encouragement and a little push now and then.

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Thank you for your replys.
There is a question I have about sugar substitute. I am now using Splenda but I have been told that it is bad. Is therer another one or is Splenda OK to Use in place of sugar?

Golas are to get my A1c level below 7 and keep it there.
2. I eventually want to get back to my ideal weight of 210Lbs.
Lord I weigh in at 323 now. :-(
Also I am having an awful time keeping my sugar levels @ or below 140. That has to change.

GabbyPA 2010-11-12 07:32:07 -0600 Report

There are a lot of discussions on the artificial sweeteners here. Just use the search box to look, you will find a plethora of them. Personally, I use Stevia only and to be honest, I need to stop even using that. It is far better for us to eat food without added sweet. That creates a craving that creates a horrible cycle of deceit upon your brain and body. The less sweet you eat, the less you will crave it and the cycle can be broken. Like CaliKo said, it is a personal choice and one you have to weigh out (no pun intended). I keep sugar free foods out of my pantry with few exceptions for my mom. But I don't eat them.

As for weight loss, it will come. Be patient and keep working on your numbers. When those start getting in line, you will find that loosing weight can become a nice side effect.

CaliKo 2010-11-11 12:42:57 -0600 Report

The decision of whether or not to use sugar substitutes is a personal decision. I don't think any of the substitutes are great, but you just have to read up on them and make the decision that's right for you. Having said that, if the substitutes help you lose weight, that's probably more important in the short term. You can always give them up later when you meet your weight goals. I have found that the foods that are good for me are much sweeter tasting when I don't use any processed or artificial sweeteners. Exercise is your best friend. Good luck! 2010-11-11 12:49:26 -0600 Report

I am a Disaabled Vet drawing entitlements and it's hard for me to do the exercise I used to do. However I have deccided to start out by walking as far as I can, and build up to a two mile walk. My excuse for doing this is that my little Shih Tzu needs the exercise. lol

jayabee52 2010-11-11 13:17:22 -0600 Report

Howdy & welcome to DC daelmore!

Before I go further, I want to take the time to send out a BIG THANK YOU to you for serving our nation so that we could all enjoy our freedom!

I agree with Caliko that artificial sweeteners aren't great for you. I myself used to use the stuff in the pink packets (sweet n low), but I've seen studies which have suggested that the use of artificial sweeteners may be triggering my hunger and when I eat more I gain weight.

Caliko is right, it is up to you to choose a sweetener, or decide to go without. I've decided to go without. If I absolutely need something I will use a product called Wheylow, a combination of milk sugar and fructose, which raises my BG#s not quite as fast as table sugar.

I want to say again "thank you" to you on Veterans Day. There are some of us who remember, and appreciate your service

May God richly bless you and yours


GabbyPA 2010-11-11 09:54:16 -0600 Report

Well, if we push, just remember, we are right here behind you to help out. That is great and that determination can turn this into a kind of game or competition. At least that is how I see it sometimes. I plan to win the game...diabetes will not.

So are there some specific goals that you would like to share with us so we can encourage your or even join you in that adventure?

sNerTs1 2010-11-11 09:07:39 -0600 Report

Hi and Welcome to DC a beautiful family of many souls.

Today is a new day, yesterday is in the past. We cant dwell on yesterday, but we can change our todays. Knowing that, I commend you on recognizing where you are and the want to change to make yourself better. Thats the first step =)

How long have you been diagnosed? What kind of medications do you take? Are you overwhelmed? Everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable. If we cant help you with facts, we can with our hearts.

I hope that you are well and have a beautiful day ~ Cheryl

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