can you inject on the top of your thigh or does it have to be the side of the thigh?

By realsis77 Latest Reply 2010-11-10 12:40:32 -0600
Started 2010-11-10 11:19:51 -0600

Hi family! I have a question for you. I've been injecting on the sides of my thighs trying to rotate but I was wondering can I safely inject on the front of my thighs? My sides are needing a break and I like injecting into the leg , is it ok to start injecting on the front top of the thigh? Please help. Thanks everyone! You guys are the best!

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Harlen 2010-11-10 11:33:28 -0600 Report

I did and the only thing is I think it was slower to absorb
Never had any problum with it
Other palces I have injected
All over the tummy
upper chest you know where lol
Hope this helps
Best wishes

kdroberts 2010-11-10 11:31:23 -0600 Report

Yes, as long as you inject into fat and not muscle. When injecting in the legs or arms it's important to remember that physical activity in those areas will change the way your insulin works. For instance, don't inject into your leg and then go walking or running because it could cause a much faster absorption and you may end up dropping low very quickly.

Here's a little pdf document that has pictures on where it's OK to inject plus some useful info about different types of insulin. You will need adobe acrobat or acrobat reader to be able to read it.

realsis77 2010-11-10 12:38:54 -0600 Report

Thank you soo much! I'm going to try it today! The sides were just getting too used up and neeed a break! That's good news to me and thank you for your link!