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I am type 1. was diagnosed May 5th 2010 on Cinco de mayo as type 2 by regular dr. then almost 1 month to the day later went to a endocrinologist (which I recommend to anyone who is diabetic) and found out I was actually type 1.

I was 95 lbs when I was diagnoses as type 2. I had lost 8 lbs because of diabetes and knew the second I saw that weight that it was bad. I was 398 after fasting all night when I went to the dr. They put me on Metforim and I struggled to lower my number as I also tried to gain weight.. it was impossible. I was scared to death because I knew I couldn't afford to lose anymore weight as I was too thin already, So I made an appointment with a specialist.

Almost a month to the day I was diagnosed I went to endocrinologist and found out I was actually type 1. I was heartbroken all over again. But at the same time it was a godsend. They put me on insulin Immediately and now 5 months later I actually weigh 108. (trust me, it is a good weight for me). Thanks to insulin I can now eat whatever I want. I know I should still watch my diet, but you know what, You only live once and with my dr.'s help I have been able to get back to a completely normal eating life. Yes, I would love not to have to take shots, but because of them I can still go out and enjoy life and the foods I love. (I have cut out the sweets for the most part..lol)

Honestly I prefer the shots to the pills. I am too young and thin to have to watch my diet. It was doing me more damage taking metforim and trying to watch my what I ate than taking shots and eating what I want.

Shots literally saved my life in more ways than one. I did the eating well and low carbs for one month and it broke me in more ways than one. I cannot stay away from the foods I love that long, I am not that disciplined and I respect anyone who is. But remember I can't afford to stay away from my favorite foods either.. I am naturally thin and without those foods will whither away to nothing.

So thanks to insulin (even though I am still sad I need it) I can live the way I want. I can still go to restaurants, clubs, and have dessert on occassion. I am sad about it but very thankful I don't have to totally give up the way I am used to living.

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Clubdjcat 2010-11-09 20:49:51 -0600 Report

Thanks everyone for the welcome. I have adjusted well and accepted my fate from the start but I still have my days that i curse it. I have good support from my wonderful boyfriend, which makes it easier in the end.

I hope to learn more from this site and from everyone on it. Thanks again for the welcome!

Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2010-11-09 16:46:41 -0600 Report

Insulin is an amazing thing isn't it?! I am type 1 as well and love to eat. I became familiar with the greatness of balancing my carb to insulin ratio so that I can still enjoy the little joys in life that I get out of my favorite foods. Not saying that insulin solves it all but it could be a lot worse without it.

realsis77 2010-11-09 10:24:39 -0600 Report

That's good you have got your correct diagonisis! I'm glad your doing so well with the insulin! I'm a type 2 but after I got put on insulin I felt so much better! Its been a God send for me also. Before insulin all I wanted to do was sleep. Now I have much more enegery to do things. Keep us posted on how your doing and welcome to dc. This is a great place to get support! The people here are wonderful! I think you will like it here! Good luck to you and welcome.

jayabee52 2010-11-09 01:13:40 -0600 Report

Howdy Clubdjcat.

Welcome to our DC family!

Glad you didn't have to go too long before you got to a Endo and got a correct Dx. I've heard stories here of folks struggling for quite a while because of being Dx'd as a t2 when they were in fact they were t1.

I am t2 so I connot give you much in the way of helpful suggestions. There are a lot of t1s here, so check out some of the discussions. click on the category "type 1" above and you'll see other discussions categorized (or miscagegorized in xsome cases) for t1s.

If I can help you in any way from this distance, please don't hesitate to ask. You'll find a lot of wonderful people of both DM types here.

May God's blessings be to you and yours


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