2011 Flex Spend Program Changes

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My company is having open enrollment for 2011 benefits and I'm really confused by one of the changes and wondering if anyone has information on it. It appears that when it comes to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) that we are now going to need doctor's prescriptions when using the Flex Spend for OTC (over the counter) products like cough syrups, bandaids, and other "covered" products. I just can't imagine calling my doctor for prescriptions for such items nor can I understand the hassle that is going to be for the drug stores having to collect prescriptions to justify purchases on an FSA account. Any knowledge or opinions on these changes??? (I am not looking for a political discussion here … I know it's because of the new Health Care Reform Act)

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Harlen 2010-11-08 18:28:42 -0600 Report

Yes thy are doing it
I get the things I know we are going to need and have her fill it all out and if I need something els I will just call her and they will fax it
What they want you to do is just pay for it yourself so they can save more money
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