Best place to carry insulin and needles on flights out of country

rudy baker
By rudy baker Latest Reply 2010-11-13 02:33:00 -0600
Started 2010-11-08 08:00:36 -0600

Considering a flight to Canada from Kentucky. Recomendations would be helpful on where to carry insulin and needles on the flight.

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Armourer 2010-11-13 02:33:00 -0600 Report

This is an FYI for anyone going out of country. For immediate needs I place in carry-on bag, and have all my insulin & meds in clear ziploc bag, & Doc's letter. When I went to Brazil three years ago, I did this with no problem. Extra insulin I packed in gelpacks and shipping padding and placed in middle of suitcase with cloths on bottom and on top for added protection. The flight was 17 hours, plus three more back north to the amazon. Insulin was nice and cool.

Crashnot 2010-11-08 16:35:59 -0600 Report

I fly to the states and back to Canada each year. My insulin vials only get a brief glance, as I, and everyone is required to place any vials with liquids in a basket at the metal-detector area. They can ask for the letter from your doctor at that time, but I have never been asked for it. The only time I have experienced problems was right after 9/11. They didn't know how to handle my syringe needles. Now those are not even glanced at unless you look suspicious. Insulin is over-the-counter in Canada as well, and a bit cheaper than in the states. So you might want to stock up! :-) No prescription is needed if you need to replace a vial.

Beam me UP
Beam me UP 2010-11-08 10:26:43 -0600 Report

I travel every week on planes. Carry on only … you can take as much as you need - just ask you doctor for a letter indicating you are diabetic and require the needles and insulin.

I always carry extra bottle(s)/needles in my suitcase as well. Your insulin will be fine without refrigeration.

CaliKo 2010-11-08 09:53:37 -0600 Report

PS You may also want to consider having an extra vial in case one gets broken. Probably depends on how difficult it would be to replace quickly.

CaliKo 2010-11-08 09:27:38 -0600 Report

I don't have insulin, but my MS therapy is pre-filled syringes, and my instructions were to always pull them out and let them go through security in their own container. My container also has a window for the Rx label with my name, and I carry my neurologist's business card. I've travelled internationally this way and never had a bit of trouble. You always want to keep all medications in your carryon in their original prescription containers. Do remember to take something to put your used needles in. I put mine in a clear tupperware container in my checked baggage on the way home until I can dispose of them properly. Good luck and have a nice trip!

kdroberts 2010-11-08 08:40:34 -0600 Report

In your carry on bag, where will depend on your bag and what works for you. Be aware that US airport security allows you some exceptions to the standard security rules like the ability to carry gel packs to keep medications cool and to take more than the standard 3.4oz fluid restriction. It's probably best to declare them when you are being screened but you should face no problem. I would assume that Canada is similar.