Part (2) to Mad Angry but most of all Frustration

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Why is it that when you belong to an Hmo or an PPO They they have all kind of classes. For Nuntishin weight loss, and exerices. They teach you how to set up a menu how to make a meal for you family. I can say this because along time a go I belong to Kaiser and one day a week I would go to class and they would teach us how to shop for our meals they would give us recipes we would get weighted. The next day we would go work out in the pool. They would teach us how to take care of our feet. And they let us know if there are other classes that we need to know about. But when you are like me just have a reguler doctor some time they know some were to wefer you to if your lucky.

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sisson 2010-11-07 00:14:06 -0500 Report

I have just seen and my new nuntishinist so much has change and I have to learn how to eat all over agine so now I have to fight for what I want again.

sisson 2010-11-07 00:03:34 -0500 Report

I just want to Thank all of you! To have all of you on my side and to know that you care more then my own family. Thats a good thing. And Thank you again!

realsis77 2010-11-06 12:20:18 -0500 Report

Your lucky. I never got a class or even an explanation. I had to do all the research my self! This online group has been my only support. I would have loved some classes or some sort of education. I was left to figure it out on my own!

jayabee52 2010-11-05 15:29:19 -0500 Report

I agree with Harlen.

You have something just about as good (or even better) here in DC. In a class you have a nurse or CDE who may or may not have DM. So the educator may or may not know exactly the troubles you face.

Here you have PWDs from all over the world from all walks of life who's BEEN THERE DONE THAT! and have a better idea of the ins and outs of DM and can give you hints on what's worked for them, and can maybe work for you.

You are in my prayers sisson.

Blessings to you and yours


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