Diabetes: I Saved Her Life Twice - Don't Let This Happen To You

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My good friend who is a heart patient, high blood pressure, A Diabetic with Diabetic neuropathy, Fibromyalgia and severe back pain that requires a monthly visit to the back pain clinic. The sweetest person you would ever want to know when she is having good days.

Here is what happened. One day she was mildly complaining that was she having problems to void. The second day she started complaining more then the previous day and was walking slower then normal to the restroom.

Well, on the third day she couldn't stay on her feet. I told her I'm taking you to the emergency room. With no waste belt I had to find someting to place around her waste to help walk her to the car.

I found some yellow nylon rope and made a fit to size with some handle loops and placed that rope around her and off we go walking to the car and holding those loops tight to keep her steady and from falling to the floor / ground.

The E.R. took her right in and before I know it, they had her in the ICU and going to be putting her on dialysis early morning.

Here is what we found that cause the kidneys to shut down.

Heart blood medicine and Ibuprofen don't mix.

Myself, I was not aware just taking Ibuprofen alone will shut down your kidneys.
While at the hospital talking with the nurses they told me they won't take Ibuprofen or drink Diet Sodas because of the Aspertame.

And here I was taking Ibuprofen, if I had a hard day. Another lesson learnt and now I no longer take Ibuprofen.

Fortunately her kidneys started back, the doctor took her off the high blood pressure medicine and absolutely no more Ibuprofen for her.

Also the doctor took her off of Plavex which is no longer needed and that is a cost savings of $174.00 a month.

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Roy531 2010-11-05 10:11:08 -0500 Report

I cannot take nsaids, had a anaphylatic reaction to them once and they told me in the ER not to take them anymore.


CaliKo 2010-11-05 09:49:33 -0500 Report

I've started being very careful with NSAIDs, too. You'd think over the counter drugs would be relatively safe, but its not necessarily true. Those warnings on the labels are very real. A friend of mine's 12-year son was taking ibuprofen for pain management after his leg was run over by a car, and that landed him back in the hospital with renal failure. The children's hospital told them that ibuprofen is the number one cause of kidney failure in children.

kdroberts 2010-11-05 07:59:46 -0500 Report

Renal problems are a listed side effect on all NSAIDs, they can potentially cause problems within hours of taking them. Mostly they are fine but if you have any risk factors for kidney problems or take drugs like ACE inhibitors, a doctor (and the warning material with the drug) should tell you not to take them. NSAIDs may be available over the counter but they are a pretty pretty powerful drugs and can cause a lot of problems. Personally I avoid them completely and have done for a number of years.

jayabee52 2010-11-05 01:48:09 -0500 Report


I am glad you were with your friend again in her time of need. And i am impressed by your resourcefulness in finding a way to make a "waste" belt.

I wondered if there were truth to what you were saying about ibuprofen so I looked it up. Turns out you are correct! I found a website from the National institute of Health which says so: http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/kudiseases/pubs/a...

I previously had considered NSAIDS like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and other OTC painkillers to be useful to relieve minor pain and if taken according to directions generally safe and rather benign.

I generally don't have need of OTC analgesics and rarely take them if i have an occasional headache. Now I will rather tough it out because my kidneys are already weak.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention

Blessings to you and yours


Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-11-04 22:36:48 -0500 Report

I'm so happy that you were with your friend when this happened. I wonder what a person should take instead of ibuprofen. My husband is on plavex because he has 14 steints in his heart. He sufferes from arthritus in his hands? Thank you for taking care of your friend.

Your Friend

dorway 2010-11-04 22:59:41 -0500 Report

Thanks JoAnna

I not sure what she is taking for the replacement of Ibuprofen.
I will find out and let you know.

Arthritus, I knew I was forgetting to mention something and Arthritus was it.
She has problems with her hands as well especially when it's going to rain. I don't have to turn on the TV to find out when it's going to rain, she let's me know in advance.

14 steints wow, I hope he is doing well.
How long will he have to stay on Plavex?
The doctor told my friend she only has to stay on plavex for one year.

Your Friend