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By Eicola Latest Reply 2010-11-03 20:03:14 -0500
Started 2010-11-01 14:52:30 -0500

I read about taking cinnamon to help with controling my diabetes.
Well,finally I tried it.
After about 6 weeks of taking [1000mg 2 times a day] my long term test was in control! It has been every since and have even had my insulin intake reduced twice! My doctor is well pleased and even put her diabetic husband on cinnamon! i tell others about this when I get a chance.

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RAYT721 2010-11-01 20:19:01 -0500 Report

I am diabetic but not on any meds for diabetes but I take cinnamon also. My bg seems to be controlled but I can't say that it is working or not working so I keep taking it along with my multivitamin, fish oil and calcium. I figure none of the vitamins are doing anything bad to me so what the heck.

Guardianstone 2010-11-03 09:39:31 -0500 Report

Be careful of the fish oil RayT.
I think I remember seeing something about fish oil on this site, but I can't remember.
Good luck and God bless
Guardian stone

GabbyPA 2010-11-01 15:16:38 -0500 Report

Congratulations! That is good news. It doesn't work as well for me, but I do keep using it. It's good for other things as well, so keep it up.

catwalker 2010-11-03 19:11:30 -0500 Report

Hi folks well I'm a user of cinnamon and cinnamon is a form of sugar that actually helps your metabolism burn the fat and sugar in your body. That is why it is good for diabetics.

jayabee52 2010-11-03 20:03:14 -0500 Report

"cinnamon is a form of sugar"?

I've always understood that Cinnamon is a spice.

There is a mixture of cinnamon and sugar in the stores. My mom used to mix cinn. & sugar to shake on our buttered toast. So because it is mixed with sugar any beneficial aspects of cinn. may be undone by the sugar.

Cinn. helps some PWDs (persons with diabetes) while on others it seems to have no effect.

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