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You can make a difference and help save lives! Please vote for the Skinny Gene Project in the pepsi refresh every thing contest and help the Skinny Gene Project win $50,000 that will be used to fund Diabetes prevention nutrition classes and community outreach programs that increase awareness about prediabetes. PLEASE TEXT 103793 to 73774 (P-E-P-S-I) or vote at

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kdroberts 2010-11-01 19:45:30 -0500 Report

I'm not too sure about the math given in the allocation of monies breakdown. It doesn't seem like it would balance when you actually have to start handing money over. For instance, $1000 for Supplies & Materials for At-Risk Screening. Depending on how many people you get through the door and what kind of deals you can make with suppliers, you'll be lucky if that lasts a month or two, maybe even a week if you really are tapping into a 300k market. $5000 for a Prediabetes Awareness Campaign is also not very much and won't reach as many people as you may like.

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