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cindy type 1
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I am having a discussion with my endo about getting a CGM, but I haven't talked to anyone that uses them. I know it would be helpful, but I am having trouble justifying the expense. I am a brittle Type 1, and thought this might be useful with all my highs and lows.

My pump is Minimed.


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BobCGM 2010-11-14 15:10:51 -0600 Report

If there is any way that you can get a CGM, DO IT! There is nothing like the power of trend information and alarms to make a so-called "brittle" diabetic more safe and ultimately free of that label. CGM information is not perfect, but it is the nearest thing available to that for those of us who want to know where we are and where our glucose status is headed at the touch of a button. Don't worry about all the statements you'll hear from people that it is not the same as knowing what your blood glucose is-it is just 5-15 minutes behind your blood glucose level when that is changing and yes, it is usually near right on when your blood glucose is stable for a period of time. There is also information from animal studies that suggests tissue glucose (which your CGM will measure) more closely follows central nervous system glucose levels than do blood sugar levels, meaning that CGM may provide you with a more accurate picture of how your brain is feeling than your finger sticks will. I started on the Dexcom CGM in May of this year and I now wear it constantly. My wife likes knowing that she no longer has to be as aware of my behavior, because the CGM is sensing the downward trends and alarming to let me know in time to eat and avoid hypos. I can also set an upward trend alarm to know when it's getting too high and control it with an insulin bolus. Nearest thing to normal yet available! Last A1C was in normal range (5.8) and with the help of the trend graphs, I am learning to control my glucose variability as well, so the future is looking brighter for me. If you really want to control your disease instead of it controlling you, this is a most powerful tool! The Dexcom is a wondeful cgm, with comfortable insertion needle and effective tape. Sensors can routinely be used for 14 days without changing and finger stick data seems to become closer to the CGM readings throughout that period. Good luck with your decision. Bob

figment84 2010-11-11 13:51:05 -0600 Report

Short and sweet…I love my CGM so much I feel naked without it. My diabetes is not the same (in a good way) Thats justification in itself IMO

Crashnot 2010-11-01 16:50:16 -0500 Report

I'm probably in one of those discussions, but I'll chime in here anyway! I bought the CGM set last year, when they were giving away a lovely laptop to go with it. They are horribly expensive, but have been a huge help for me in figuring out how to counter my nightly dawn effect, where I'll run 120 all night and then spike to about 300 at 4 AM. That's finally history with the help of my insulin pump basal dose adjustments. I'm using the Medtronic CGM, and love the online charts they produce for me, as I can see a visual pattern of my highs and lows through each day, along with meals, carbs eaten, and whatever else I think to program in to the website. I'd love to wear one continuously, but only do it about every four months since I have no insurance for it. The other thing to note is, it says you need to replace it after three days, but most people are able to get 6 and even more out of them. Mine goes wonky on day 7 and I have to discard it, but a friend manages to get 10-12 somehow. That in itself helps with the expense.

cindy type 1
cindy type 1 2010-11-02 14:54:15 -0500 Report

Thanks Crashnot. I just didn't know if I could justify the expense. It will cost $1000 out of pocket, and that's not cheap to me. I have struggled with this for quite a while and still don't know what to do. How did you manage to get a laptop out of the deal? That is cool and a great incentive for the purchase.

My endo thinks I am going low during the night and that is causing my morning highs. Plus when I am out runnng around it would be nice to know if my numbers are climbing or falling. There is nothing worse than a public low…ugh!

Thanks again for responding.


Crashnot 2010-11-04 17:08:17 -0500 Report

I'm in Canada, so there is probably a price cap on the monitors as it's on most medical supplies here. But Medtronics itsself was offering the laptop incentive. $800 for the CGM, 10 inserts and the laptop. It was a bite in the budget, but how could I say No?

kdroberts 2010-11-02 15:29:08 -0500 Report

Ask your doc if you can do a Medtronic iPro trial. It's basically their CGM sensor with built in data recorder that you were for a few days, send it back and get a bunch of data printouts. It's free (you have to sit through a demo of their newest pump and CGM system) and would give you and your doctor an idea of what's going on during the night and when you do routine things. You don't get the real time readout like you would with their full system but it can definitely give you some good data at the end of it. They say it's a 3 day trial but the recorder will record for a lot longer. I wore mine for 6 days or so. I think the rep said it has about a 14 day record capacity but wouldn't recommend wearing it that long.

cindy type 1
cindy type 1 2010-11-02 15:49:46 -0500 Report

They talked about wearing a recorder for a short time…but it never did happen. Did you every consider a CGM? My problem is that I am also insulin sensitive.

Thanks for the recommendation.

kdroberts 2010-11-04 09:39:39 -0500 Report

I did consider one but the cost to benefit ratio for me is not good. The accuracy is an issue and I don't suffer from large swings, extreme highs or lows or dangerous hypoglycemia unawareness.

If you want a lot of real experience try this board, a lot of people on there us CGMs from all the different manufacturers and in conjunction with the minimed pump.


cindy type 1
cindy type 1 2010-11-02 14:56:34 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby, but I already have a pump and love it. I was looking for someone who uses the CGM.

GabbyPA 2010-11-03 21:02:07 -0500 Report

I'm sorry, my misunderstanding. Doesn't your pump continually monitor your levels?

cindy type 1
cindy type 1 2010-11-04 09:20:00 -0500 Report

I am using a Minimed pump that only distributes the insulin. The continuous glucose monitor will monitor your levels. I am having a hard time finding someone that currently uses a CGM to relate their experiences with me. Hopefully…someone is reading this and will do so.

GabbyPA 2010-11-04 09:26:26 -0500 Report

You can tell I am not a user. I know there are members here who do. I will see if I can find you any.